Doctor K - Power Rangers RPM

Doctor K
Airdate: May 09, 2009

Dr. K is playing her violin and trying to configure the Zenith Megazord with no avail. She breaks the strings on her violin when Summer walks in.
Venjix presents the Reflect Bot and it opens its mirror and the two generals say how ugly they are, without realizing it is them. Venjix releases another one for Tenaya.
Back at the lab, Dr. K explains to the team & Colonel that the Venjix hardware has gotten better and they can't match up. She needs a new flux overthruster for the new combo.
She doesn't have the answers and everyone is full of questions. Dr. K asks Ziggy what it is like asks what is it like being stupid your whole life, if it is wonderful as it seems.
Flashback to Dr. K as a child and playing with chalk making circles around one girl's pretty little house with equations. A mysterious man and woman, walk up to her, we do not see their faces.
On her birthday, Dr. K blows the candles on her cake and she wants to go outside but is told her skin is sensitive to the sun. She has been taken in by the government group Alphabet Soup for her whole life.
The man and woman tell her over and over again to do work, equations, and make a computer program. They ask her what is her wish on her birthday, she says she wishes she could remember her name.
Back to present time, the rangers go fight the monster. The two megazords are formed and the bot can replicate a solid object and it does so with the Shark and Wolf and splits ValveMax apart.
The bot replicates their saber and attacks the High Octane Megazord and the other three go down. Dr. K is distressed. The Rangers are at the mercy of the robot but it slows down and has a system failure.
It shuts down and shrinks to adult size. Back at the lab, the soldiers bring in the robot, Colonel wants to destroy it but Dr. K wants to study it. She asked by Corporal Hicks how she created the Ranger Stuff.
She says she had help. The Man and Woman of the Soup bought her two test pilots for the Ranger project... twins Gem and Gema who complete each other's sentences. They were raised there as well.
They wish her happy birthday and give her a present, which is a big bi-color pencil. They say they are her friends. She says she doesn't even like them. They say they still like her anyway.
She worked that pencil to a nub working on the Ranger stuff on her computer. She spots a butterfly and follows it to a window and Dr. K is shocked to find out that the sunlight does not effect or harm her.
Back in the present, the Rangers fight the drones and Tenaya surprises Dr. K in her lab. Doctor K blasts her with her cannon and Tenaya blasts the lasers. Tenaya makes it so Red can't control his zord.
K puts a tube over Tenaya so she can't escape but of course her hand does. K tries to get things working again. Tenaya says she is getting out of there.
K remembers when she wanted to escape 'The Soup' and take Gem and Gema with her. She explains they aren't allergic to the sun. It was all a lie.
K planned to blind the security servers for a few minutes so the three could escape... with the Venjix virus they told her to create. She activated it and then security came to take Gem and Gema.
So K tries to stop the virus but soldiers get her but she says she has to stop it or it will infect the entire world. She says all she wanted was to go outside. Present time, the Rangers gain control of the zords.
The monster becomes big and K fight Tenaya. High Octane fights the suped-up robot with new additions. Tenaya whistles the 'Farmer in the Dell' again and mentions how K 'royally messed up.'
K blasts at her angrily. In the flashback, we see K record the message we heard in the first message and pack up the Ranger stuff. The Man and Woman want the computer back.
They don't want anyone to know Venjix started at the Soup. She tells them the world needs the Ranger technology. The two point guns at her. Gem and Gema beat them up for her.
Gema says they are going back for the Gold and Silver series. They run anyway and there are blasts and she thinks they are dead. K cries for her friends in a mini-freak out.
Dr. K points the mirror of the fake bot at her and the flux thingy she needed is duplicated so they can make Zenith, which they do.
They destroy the monster, Tenaya is kicked out by K's violin/sound blaster and she then looks sadly at the gold and silver ribbons of her only friends in the whole world.
  • The music Dr. K plays is Paganini's Caprice.
  • Gem and Gema are believed to be dead, being the third and fourth presumed deaths of the season. Even though, we all know what happens next.