Airdate: June 20, 2009

It had been three days. They wonder who the zords are. Flynn says they are ghosts. He points out it is a big flying chicken. Ziggy says they can't be in judgement cause he rides in a fish and Summer rides in a big teddy bear.
Back in Dr. K's lab, she does a read-out on a Venjix symbol coin and Kenmore. She figures out it is a trap. In Kenmore, Dillon wants to turn back around, saying nothing looks familiar and he feels something bad. They get out of the bus.
Dr. K sends the Rangers a message but they don't see it since they are already walking outside. Back with Truman, he says he can't do much, even for his own son. Dillon finds the Kenmore sign but there is nothing around. Scott suggests splitting up.
Dr. K tells Truman about her growing up in Alphabet Soup, saying there is real meaning behind it because she doesn't talk about it. When she was 11, she was asked to make a liquid to cause real bad diarrhea, threatening him in her own way.
He then orders Hicks to do something that will help the Rangers. Ziggy and Flynn run in and talk to Dr. K. Something about false memories for Dillon. The gold and silver zords excerpt from Ziggy alerts Dr. K.
They run off before Dr. K can confirm what she heard. The five re-group, alerting of the trap and a new Attackbot Dyna-bot comes in with Grinders. The Rangers morph and fight the monster.
He sends a bomb towards them and the new Rangers arrive and throw it back at them. Gold and Silver fight the Grinders in the abandoned Omega City. They beat up the monster and then fly up in their zords.
The five want to talk to them but they leave. The five de-morph and enter the bus. Dillon is bummed. Summer tells him they will find the answer. Dyna-Bot reports to Venjix, he left a bomb on their van.
Ziggy opens a bag of chips and the bomb goes off and the bus is not controllable. The five morph and get out of the van and it goes off a cliff and boom. Then Venjix, Shifter and the monster arrive.
The five form the RPM Enforcer and Venjix attacks them before they can use it. Venjix ties up the five but the two new heroes come in and fight the Grinders. Venjix attacks them.
They deflect the attack and double-attack him. He deflects it. Shifter and Venjix pull back. The duo fight Dyna-Bot. The duo fly in the air and destroy Dyna-Bot. The five are then freed.
The duo take the five to Corinth in their zords. Hicks detects two signals, Truman is against lowering the shields because they don't detect bio waves. Dr. K has them let them in.
The two zords land. The five enter with the two Rangers in their suits. Ziggy warns the two that Dr. K is a bit cold but that's just how she is. The doors of Dr. K's lab opens and she enters the garage.
The Gold and Silver Rangers take off their helmets to reveal they are Gem and Gema. Dr. K gives them a big hug. Ziggy says that she is trying a different management style with them. Dr. K cries out of happiness.