In or Out - Power Rangers RPM

In or Out
Airdate: July 04, 2009

Dr. K has a meeting with all the Rangers and explains that her dear friends Gem and Gema escaped through their Gold and Silver Series Morphers. They have been fighting the Venjix in the wastelands.
Tenaya and the two generals enter the city to take away the city's oxygen. Dr. K says the twins have confronted her that she has treated the five coldly in order to prevent emotional trauma.
Everyone denies her on being 'bordering on coldness.' She says that 'as your mentor' -- Ziggy interrupts and says that they are older than her. She proceeds to say something she likes about each of them and then say their real name.
Dillon tries to get away but Flynn forces him to be hugged by K. Ziggy waits for his hug and she says 'You too Series Green.' She wants them to know she loves them. Flynn wants everyone to agree that never happened.
Ziggy is upset she hasn't said anything nice about him and the alarm goes off and he just can't let it go. They go off. Ziggy spells his name. Dillon grabs him. Meanwhile, the generals make damage with the air.
The five Rangers arrive and fight the Grinders. Tenaya gets to the controls and a big fan sucks everything in. The Rangers hold on to dear life. All the Grinders are sucked in and sliced and destroyed.
Yellow gets loose and Black saves her. Green gets loose and heads for the fans. Gold and Silver arrive and smash the controls and the fan stops and Ziggy falls, saying he was not worried.
The enemies leave, Silver and Gold go after them. Colonel Truman, Scott's dad, wants them to fall back, Red stands in front of the twins and tries to stop them from going outside.
Red says they have to defend the city. The seven and K are in Truman's base and he wants them to stay inside. The twins want to go outside, but the shield won't open again for several hours.
The twins have another plan... the bad guys have an outpost outside and they want to blow it up. Hicks tell them that they will be living on air for only 30 days until fixed and they can't let it be hit again.
The twins leave. Venjix brings out his new Vacuum Bot. Back at the base, Scott and Summer show Dr. K a line. She says it is prehistoric underground river bend. Scott realizes they might be trying to get something out.
At the gate, Hicks and Truman are about to overcharge the shields. Scott arrives in his car and warns him, that Venjix wants them to overcharge the shields, which they do do. Scott rolls under the gate as it lowers. Truman wants to raise it to save his son.
Truman says he's trapped out there, Hicks makes him realizes that they are trapped in there. The twins arrive to the outpost and see the air tunnel. Scott arrives and informs them with the new information.
Scott splits apart the never-splitting-apart twins. Silver and Red enter the cave-like place full of Grinders. Gold fights the Grinders and Generals outside. Dr. K says that Scott and the twins were right.
The four Rangers have no way out to save them except for Station 19... they can escape through there. Dillon says it only lets go flames at dawn, so Flynn says they re-program it.
Dr. K says the problem is that now that the shields are overcharged, the fire is bigger. The four run off. Red spots the Vacuum bot sucking up air. Silver runs in, Red pulls her back and tells her a plan...
But she runs off anyway. He tells her the pressure is too high. At the gate, Ziggy still complains about Dr. K. They morph and use their individual powers to get through the gate. Gema fires and Vacuum Bot explodes out of the cave.
Silver and Red fight the bot. Meanwhile, Green wants Dr. K to say kind words from the self-proclaimed Mentor or he won't move, Blue pulls him to safety as fire gets near him. Tenaya coughs as she gets out of the cave. She gets in the fight with Gold.
Gold tells Tenaya and the generals to wait where they are in order to join in with Red and Silver. Tenaya leaves, saying they will be destroyed. The 3 destroy the bot, he grows and ValveMax arrives and fights it.
Red calls for his zord and they make High Octane. The bot sucks in their sword and sucks in the finisher from ValveMax. The Gold and Silver zords combine with High Octane Megazord to destroy the bot.
Dr. K reports that the oxygen levels are back to normal. Dr. K gives each Ranger a compliment on the battle. Ziggy complains again that they are older. Dr. K tells Summer she has nice shoes.
She compliments Gem and Gema and goes to Ziggy with a bright smile and calls him "You." The alarm goes off and everyone runs off. Ziggy says it could be the last time she ever sees him.