Airdate: July 11, 2009

The twins explain there is a factory where human prisoners build the Grinders and they were prisoners there and they want to blow it up. Scott wants a plan first, the twins race off.
Dillon listens to his musical watch and tells Summer he knows the tune by heart. Dr. K tells the Rangers there is a giant ball of yarn (through the garbage chute) they need to fight.
Flynn and Ziggy discuss what they need to fight the yarn, a funny zord and then they get in an argument if it needs to be an animal or not, Flynn explains it has to be half animal, half vehicle.
The Rangers arrive and discover there is no yarn, it's a trap by the three generals, a new attack bot that can copy their moves and has them on the ropes. Dr. K tells them to stop attacking.
Gem and Gema arrive and save the five. The bad guys disappear. The twins seem to be making something, that Ziggy thinks it is pancakes... it is neturonic detonating putty, that Ziggy puts in his mouth.
The twins are humming and Dillon recognizes the tune. They heard from a blind prisoner girl in the factory, who they couldn't see but hear and she never used her real name.
The tune came from an old family heirloom carried by her brother. Dillon wants to go to the factory, the twins wanted to blow it up, Dr. K and Scott are against it because it might be a false memory again.
Dillon says the watch is real, the twins are real, so it must be real. Later, Flynn and Scott plan to take out Dillon's spark plugs, his car races off and they find out that their spark plugs were taken out.
Ziggy and Dillon are back in the car, he brings up how things have changed... and find out they really haven't. Ziggy looks at the map the twins gave him, it is hard to read.
They get attacked by Grinders. They are saved by Summer. Summer can read the map and calls shotgun. Back at the lab, Dr. K reads a butterfly note from the twins that they left on a 'super secret mission'.
Scott asks Flynn if he was to disobey him as well as everyone else has, he says he is good and then the Saw Bot attacks the city and the two Rangers go there. Meanwhile, the other three arrive at the factory.
They disguise themselves as workers and sneak in when the Grinder guard isn't looking. Inside, Grinders are guarding a door that might have info and files.
Ziggy is left to make a distraction, Dillon and Summer tell him to keep it low-key. He says he is Mr. Finesse. Ziggy throws a bolt, the grinders go to it, he throws a glove at one's head and the two enter the room.
There is no keyboard on the computer but Summer 'plugs in' with a device but the files are going too fast, but not too fast for Dillon, he can read it because of his upgrades.
Ziggy makes noise and the intruder alarm goes off. Dillon is about to get his info when the Grinders blow the computer up and attack them. The two fight. Ziggy makes shadow puppets of intruders leaving.
The Grinders follow them. The other two shake it off. Outside, Ziggy falls on the sand. The three race off in Dillon's car. They turn on the radio and hear Dr. K advising Blue and Red fighting the Bot.
Summer says they are fighting alone. Dillon says it is not for long. Ziggy is all squished up in the back seat.
Gem and Gema join in the battle with Blue and Red and blow the monster up. The other three arrive and morph.
The foe grows and they destroy it with Zenith Megazord and the other two zords. Back at the base, Scott scolds Dillon. Dillon is still on the fact that he has a sister.
Dillon says he has to go back. Summer says they all do. Summer reveals that they are building something else in that factory... a doomsday device.