Three's a Crowd
Airdate: June 29, 2002

Dillon tries his sister's key in the locket and doesn't work, Flynn tells him his Aunt used to tell him, 'if you dwell in the past, you get stuck in maure.' Flynn and Scott shop at the grocery store and end up with two robbers--an old 'friend' and Ziggy gives him a hard time and Scott beats up Nelson's friend. They beat up the two and twins run in the shop, saying they wanted in on the action. The robbers run out and Ziggy and Scott run after them. Ziggy morphs and teleports and gets caught on some stairs. Scott fights the thugs.The two are incapacitated. Meanwhile, Tenaya gets a new arm upgrade instead of working on the new Attackbot. She accidentally destroys Grinders and sends Crunch to make a bot. Back with the Rangers, the 7 try forming SkyRev Megazord as a test. The twins fly the Mach Megazord upward to see a 'boom' and the other two robos crash into each other. Dr. K abort further testing. Later, Ziggy talks smack about Dr. K and she is behind him. Dillon says it is more fun to watch him squirm. Crunch makes his Balloon Bot grow and the two main megazords arrive. The bot takes the two down. Dr. K analyzes it and tells there could be toxic inside the baloons.
And the Mach Megazord comes in and blow up the balloons and destroy the bot. Later, Scott scolds the twins on shooting first, saying poison could have filled the dome--the twins said it didn't have poison so everything is fine. Gem apologizes, they don't know what they are doing. Scott suggests Dillon talking to them, Ziggy wants to do it, they say no. The twins want to go to Venjix as they have some sort of plan and run off, promising to shoot first and not ask questions later. Meanwhile, Tenaya plays target practice and shows off a new Textile Bot to Shifter. The five Rangers are anxious to tell Dr. K the twins are reckless and she is surprised to tell the least.
She says she didn't give them a device and she figures they are in trouble, as they are heading to the disturbance. Gem and Gema find Tenaya and she blasts at them. The Bot tosses Gema off and Grinders keep Gem occupied. Gema fights the bot. The twins morph and form Mach Megazord. The two main robos are swimming to the island. Mach is down and webs spin around it as Crunch has made Texitle grow up. Just when the bot is to destroy them, the other two megazords arrive. Venjix enters the room and asks where Shifter and Tenaya are and Crunch squeals on them, he says he didn't authorize the attack and sees the video. Texitle blasts at the three robos, Mach Megazord flys out of there. Mach blasts at them and destroy the cannon. Gem says to combine the 3, Gema says it didn't work last time, Gem says they weren't in sync last time. Mach saves the other two.
They combine the nine zords into SkyRevMegazord. Venjix has arrived in his jet. The seven blast Venjix and then destroy the monster. Venjix falls down out of his destroyed jet and his body has failed him for the last time he says. Ziggy tries to talk to Dr. K, she eats popcorn and relaxes. At the store the twins fix the door they busted down as the others watch. Ziggy comes out with more candy and snacks, saying why waste the trip. The twins apologize, saying they were reckless and from now on, it will be different. Dr. K reports a disturbance, they wanna run off, but the five ask them to ride with them. They oblige.