Danger and Destiny, Part 2
Airdate: December 26, 2009

Tenaya enters a room with K. K downloads a new virus into Tenaya's memory drive. Summer notices that Scott's morpher glows. Military code from his dad. He is in Sector 12, Quad 5. Ziggy is to guard K, she doesn't like that idea, saying she ended up in a cave last time he protected her. Tenaya goes to the tower. At a factory, Hybrids are being labeled by Grinders, Scott poses as one and beats up the Grinders. Scott, Summer, and Flynn fight Grinders. Mason and Scott meet up. Tenaya tells everyone to get out in the tower. She locks the doors
The trio fight the Grinders as Mason gets the human prisoners out. The Grinders back up, Venjix arrives. Scott asks to morph, they can't. Venjix wants them to join them or be destroyed. Summer says that doesn't sound like living. Tenaya is done witht he virus, she asks K to disconnect, K says not yet, she wants to see what is buried in there. She then finds the Ranger stuff. Ziggy was looking for food in the garage but finds Grinders. Venjix sends a blow to the trio---K clears it to morph--they of course Morph. The fog clears and the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers are safe. Ziggy continues fighting Grinders and morphs into Ranger Green. Red fights Venjix.
Venjix plans to delete them. The Grinders are instead deleted. Ziggy falls. Venjix strikes the tower. Tenaya goes down. Crunch enters. Dillon wakes up, conveniently. He catches up, seeing K and Tenaya on the screen. He pushes Ziggy aside and races off in his car. K tells Ziggy to help her. Crunch blasts through and calls Tenaya a traitor. They fight. The trio continue fighting Venjix, Blue & Yellow go down. Ziggy removes a panel that was for the Ranger suits. K brings back Silver and Gold into the display case. The trio gets up and attack Venjix at once. He backs up and blasts at them. Their helmets comes off. Venjix says he can't be defeated.
Venjix talks to K directly, saying she lost. Ziggy looks as the Silver and Gold arrive and leave. The trio looks up and it is the Gold and Silver Zords. They blast the tower off. Dillon has arrived and fights Crunch. The tower falls, Dillon grabs Tenaya and they take out the parachute. The trio run for cover as the tower directly falls on top of Venjix. Gem and Gema have a happy reunion with trio.
Later, Hicks and some of Mason's soldiers go out of Cornith dome and check the oxygen. Mason wants Scott to command the eagle squad. K checks Tenaya's eye implants, doesn't know how long they will last. Flynn says he and his dad are building new computer systems for the city. Gem and Gema will also be in the eagle squad. K wants their morphers, Ziggy and K are starting a school for kids. She calls him Ziggy, because he is not a series operator anymore.
Summer says there is a world waiting to be rebuilt. Scott tells Dillon he better not be getting a call to go save his butt. Ziggy and Dillon share a hug. K gives Dillon and K the locket, they say to keep it. Dillon, Summer and Tenaya leave. Ziggy puts her arm around K's shoulder and she smiles. dillon stops his car, they all get out to a flower, Dillon puts water on it. They find more little flowers and then over a stoop, many more flowers, a lake and mountain. Also, an ominous ending, with a red glowing light being hauled away in a case by Dr. K.