* Appeared in the series
* Only Toy, not in show
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged


*[42201-42208] 5" Action Hero Figures - Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and Black Rangers; Villain Fury, Vivix and Dino Charge Megazord. Each comes with a weapon.

*[42121-42124]12" Dino Charge Figures - Red, Blue, Green and Black Rangers with one silver weapon.

*[42141-42143]Double Strike Figures - Double Strike Red, Blue, and Green Rangers come with two silver weapons.

*[42176-42177]Armored Might Dino Charge Ranger Figures - Armored Dino Red and Green Ranger figures come with Dino Steel and various weapons.

*[42191] 10" FX Battle Sound Red Ranger - 10 inch fully articulate talking figure comes with olive yellow Dino Blade.

*[4161-42163] 4" Basic Figures - Red, Green and Black Rangers with one weapon.

*[42021-42023] Mixx N Morph Deluxe Packs - Buy different figures and mix and match the parts. Three different sets with two figures in each. Dino Charge Red Ranger (translucent) and T-Rex Zord, Mighty Morphin White Ranger and Tigerzord, and Samurai Gold Ranger and Clawzord.

*[42081, 42085-42088] Mixx N Morph Figures - Dino Charge Red Ranger, Red Tyrannosaurs Rangerzord, Dino Charge Black T-Rex Rangerzord, Mighty Morphin Green Tiger Rangerzord and Samurai White Claw Rangerzord. Buy different figures and mix and match the parts.


*[42001]Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher - The Dino Charge Power Ranger's transformation item and main weapon comes with one T-Rex Dino Charger.

*[42036]Dino Saber - Swing and slash the saber, and release awesome battle sounds. The blade of the saber extends for more realistic action. Insert a Dino Charger to unlock even more sounds!

*[42037]Dino Com - Comes with Triceratops Dino Charger. It manually rotates and can hold up to 3 Dino Chargers at once! Press the Dino Com to hear battle sounds and phrases.

*[42046]Deluxe Dino Saber - Take the battle to the villains with the ultimate ranger weapon. The Deluxe Dino Charge Saber includes battle sounds and can combine with the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher to form the Dino Cannon. Comes with Raptor Dino Charger.

*[42038]T-Rex Launcher - Insert a Dino Charger to activate the T-Rex launcher to watch his eyes change color. Launch the discs and take down Sledge and his evil monsters! The Power Rangers Dino Charge T-Rex Launcher comes with 8 discs and T-Rex Dino Charger.

*[42066]Dino Spike - Unleash the battle power with the chomping Dino Spike! It features light and battle sound effects. Insert any Dino Charger to “Charge It Up” and pull the lever to unleash giant chomping teeth for battle sounds.



Dino Chargers

*[42251-42256]Dino Charge Power Pack - Series 1 (Wave One) - T-Rex comes with #1 T-Rex and #20 Dino Hypnotize fossil, Para comes with #2 Para and Fossil Dino Armor #12, Stego has #3 Stego and #14 Dino Cupid, Raptor has #4 Raptor and #18 Fossil Dino Laugh and Tricera has #5 Tricera and #16 Fossil Dino Stretch and Dino Cycle has #11 Dino Cycle and #22 Dino Helio Fossil.
*[42257-442263]Dino Charge Power Pack - Series 1 (Wave Two) - Dino Armor with #12 Dino Armor X and Fossil #15 Dino Blaze; Dino Spike with #13 Dino Spike and Fossil #19 Dino Squash; Dino Cupid with #14 Dino Cupid and Fossil #2 Para; Dino Stretch with #16 and Fossil #17 Dino Gas; Dino Gas with #17 and Fossil #3 Stego; Dino Laugh with #18 and Fossil #1 T-Rex.
*[42260, 42264-42266]Dino Charge Power Pack - Series 1 - Dino Blaze with #15 Dino Blaze and Fossil #11 Dino Cycle; Dino Squash with #19 and Fossil #4 Raptor; Dino Hypnotize with #20 and #5 Tricera Fossil; Dino Helio with #22 and Fossil #13 Dino Spike.



**[42071-42073]Cycles With Figures - Black and Yellow Dino Cycle with Red Ranger, Red and Grey Dino Cycle with Blue Ranger, Silver and Blue Dino Cycle with Black Ranger. Each cycle includes three ways to play: Cycle Mode, Morph into 2 separate Dino Zords, or mix and match with the Zord Builder items. Each Dino Cycle comes with a 5” Power Ranger poseable figure that can ride on the cycle or play separately.


*[38096] Deluxe Dino Charge Megazord - The Dino Charge Megazord can morph between Three zords (T-Rex, Stego and Tricera) to form the massive Megazord to bring the ultimate strength to the battle. Insert the included T-Rex Translucent Dino Charger to activate even more morphing features! Collect and combine with any of the other Zord Builder items to create unique and powerful Megazord combinations.

*[42101-42102]Dino Zord with Charger - Each Zord comes equipped with 1 Dino Charger that can be inserted into the Zord to activate special features! Collect and combine with any of the other Zord Builder items to create unique and powerful Megazord combinations. Green Ranger's Raptor Zord comes with the Raptor Dino Charger and the Black Ranger's Para Zord comes with the Para Dino Charger.

*[42111-42112]Zord Armor Rangers - Deluxe Dino Charge Zord Armor Ranger has the Red Ranger and Deluxe Mega Dino Zord Armor Ranger has the Black Ranger. Insert the exclusive 5 inch poseable figure into the Zord armor to take the battle to the next level! When the battle really heats up, morph the Zord Armor into its own Dino Zord! Collect and combine with the Dino Charge Megazord or any of the other Zord Builder items to create more Megazord combinations.


*[42051-42053]Deluxe Hero Sets - Red, Blue and Black Ranger Hero Sets each sold seperately. Become a Power Rangers Dino Charge hero with this awesome training set! Prepare for battle action. The Red Ranger Hero Set includes a Red Ranger Mask, Morpher, Saber, and 1 Dino Charger. The Dino Charger can also be inserted into other Power Ranger Dino Charge item.

* Power Rangers Dino Action 6 Pack - 5" Red, Pink, Green, Blue and Black Dino Charge Rangers and Fury, comes with Dino Spike.