* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only One or three appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

* [10411-10417] Ninja Battle Power Ranger - Red Wind, Yellow WInd, Blue Wind, Navy Thunder, Crimson Thunder, Green Samurai, and Vexacus. With special actions and weapons. The Wind Rangers come with their ninja student suits.

* * [10552] Thunder Staff -Comes with Navy Antler attachment.
* * [10543] Green Cyclone Morpher -The Green Samurai Ranger's morpher with lights and sound.

* * [10562] Ninja Thunder Blaster -Comes with Crimson Blaster and Navy Antler. * * [10553] Green Samurai Saber -The Green Samurai Ranger's weapon.

* * [10554] Lightning Riff Blaster

* * [10482] Thunder Megazord -Two zords combine to make one megazord, includes Power Sphere #4 Spin Blade, #7 and #8 Minizord used to create the Thunderstorm Megazord.
* *
[10488] Samurai Star Lightning Megazord -includes three Power Spheres that become the Ninja Firebird that creates the Hurricane Megazord.

* [10487] 10489 Storm Lightning Megazord: Special Edition - Re-released Storm Lighting Megazord. Power Sphere #10 Bee Spinner and #11 Sting Blaster.
* * Power Spheres: The two were sold in a set in Japan.

* [10601] Hurricane Command Megazord - Includes the only form of Spider and Star Blazer in America. Includes Red Wind Ranger figure.

* [10424-10425] 5" Action Megazord - Hurricane and Samurai Star.

* [10590] Zord Armor Rangers - Red/Storm Megazord, Navy/Thunder Megazord, and Green Samurai/Samurai Star Megazord.

* [10428, 10436-10439] Turbo Tri-Battlized Power Ranger - Red, Crimson, Green, and Navy. Yellow not pictured. Red reffered to as Battlized on the series.
* [10441-10444] Triple Zord Morphin Power Ranger - Red Wind-Ninja Firebird, Navy Thunder-Sting Blaster, Green Samurai-Spider, and Crimson Thunder-Star Blazer.

* [10457, 10461-10464] Ninja Glider Cycles - Crimson, Red, Yellow. Not Pictured: Green and Navy

* * [1052 -10524] 12" Weapon Warrior Power Rangers -Green Samurai, Red Wind, Navy Thunder, Crimson Thunder Ranger. Comes with actual actor's faces. This is the only Green Samurai Ranger figure that comes with Cam's face other than the R/C Ninja Glider Cycle.

[10511-10516] 12" Talking Ninja Battle Power Rangers - Red Wind, Yellow Wind, Navy Thunder, Blue Wind, Crimson Thunder, and Green Samurai Ranger. Comes with actual actor's faces and three action phrases. Green comes wtih Lighting Riff Blaster and flip helmet. Blue Wind comes with Tori's face, the first 12" female ranger.

* * [91413-91414] R/C Ninja Glider Cycle -Available in Green and Crimson, Crimson not pictured.
* *[ 10532] Green Samurai Tsunami Cycle -Includes12" Green Samurai Ranger.

* [91411] Red Wind Tsunami Cycle -R/C Cycle with morpher remote. * [ 10531] Red Wind Tsunami Cycle with Ninja Ranger -Includes 12" Red Wind Ranger with removable helmet.

*[10468] Ninja Battlefront Cycle - Include Crimson Thunder Ranger. A strange mix of the Tornatrex Ninja Typhoon Cycle and his zord.

* * [10544] Lighting Morpher- Red Ranger's Battlizer.

*[10586-10587] 10586 Wind/Thunder Power Turbo Transporter - Launches the Action Racers.

* [91111] Jumbo Storm Megazord - To follow the success of the American Jumbo Megazords, Bandai Japan made Jumbo Thunder Megazord, not avaliable in the U.S.
[10467] Dragonforce Tank -Includes Green Samuari Ranger in Super Mode.

* [10346] Ninja Storm Warrior Pack -Includes 12" white-skinned Red Wind Ranger and 12" rarity Kelzak.

* [10476] Ninja Storm Mobile Command Center- With Red Wind Ranger and Exclusive Lothor and hamster Sensei figures. The first of its kind.

* [91213] Green Samurai Action Playset- Motodrone, Vexacus, Hurricane Megazord, Red Wind Ranger, Green Samuari Star Ranger, Super Mode, Samurai Star, and Storm Striker.

Never Released:
Mighty Mammoth Track Playset

Ninja Buggy

Only Available in Japan
Power Sphere #9 Scarf (Karakuri Manto)
Power Spheres #12 and #14 Spider and Star
Power Sphere #13 Stamp set (actual stamps)
Mighty Mammoth
Ninja Gliders (Blue & Yellow)