Turn Up The Volume
Airdate: November 10, 1999

Karone shows Damon a job posting for chief mechanic. The mechanic with the best new device for the station wins the position.
An obnoxious mechanic named Baxter presents himself as Damon's rival, and advises him to not even enter, since he won't be beaten.
A new monster shows off his powers on the Scorpion Stinger - Decibat. he floods the craft with an ear splitting sonic blast.
Trakeena sends him down to try that against the Rangers. The Rangers have difficulty even standing up to the crippling noise levels.
Damon manages to whip out his Trans Blaster and fire a few shots at Decibat, taking out his woofer, and forcing him to retreat.
As Damon discusses his plans for an ultra-sonic transmitter to defend the colony against Decibat, Baxter listens in, and gets an idea.
Damon falls asleep after an all nighter working on his plans. Baxter sneaks in and takes pictures of the blueprints.
The next morning, Damon arrives late at the presentation, and finds that Baxter has become the new chief, with plans stolen from him!
Damon warns Baxter that the plans were not finished, and it may be dangerous to build this device. Baxter brushes him off, and continues the construction of the transmitter.
Decibat returns with his woofers repaired and enhanced, making him more powerful than before. He attacks the Rangers and pins them against the wall with sonics.
It's time for Baxter to prove himself - he and Stanton bring out the completed ultra-sonic transmitter, and take aim at Decibat.
The ultra-sonic blast knocks Decibat off his feet. The transmitter overloads, and Damon saves Baxter from the resulting explosion.
Decibat gets back up and attacks the Rangers once again, this time at full power. They are powerless against his sonics.
Damon covers for Baxter, and then helps hims repair the ultra-sonic transmitter, which is fired at Decibat once more.
The second blast once again knocks Decibat to the floor, and destroys his speakers, rendering him powerless.
Damon morphs and joins the team, and they put Decibat out of his misery with an Orion energy attack.
Baxter aplogizes to Damon, and tells him that he has resigned as chief mechanic, and has recommended Damon for the position.
When Damon is offered the position, he declines, and convinces Baxter to take it back. Damon won't his grease monkey days just yet.
  • It's good that they are sacrificing Zord fights from episodes like this one. A Zord fight in an episode like this would be a forced, 1 minute scene at the end - completely useless. For the past two eps, they've realize that Zord fights don't need to be crammed in to every episode.
  • I haven't seen such child-like enthusiasm to being a Ranger since Justin. Karone is really getting a kick out of this Ranger business.
  • It just occured to me that Karone looks just like Natalia Kassle of Danger Girl .