Beware The Mutiny
Airdate: November 12, 1999

Trakeena narrowly steers the Scorpion Stinger away from falling into the lost galaxy. As legend has it, no one who enters it returns.
As Stanton and Mike try to figure out where Terra Venture is, they enter a dreamscape where a ghost commander warns them to leave.
Back at command, they find that "time has been tossed". Navigation is down, and temporal anomalies surface. Welcome to Y2K!
On a nearby planet, a pirate named Captain Mutiny detects Terra Venture's presence, and readies his army to take over the station.
Among his troops are Barbarax, the infamous "space android", monster of the moment Rocketron, and an army of "Swabbies".
Mutiny's castle rises, and the Titanisaur comes to life beneath it. This living space vessel takes the villains to the station.
Mutiny presents himself to Stanton as a friend, and offers him a device which will take them home. Out of options, Stanton accepts.
A team is sent down in a heliship to retrieve the device. They tie the suspicious crate up and haul it back to Terra Venture.
The Rangers follow Mutiny back to his home planet. They find him running a slave camp, and overhear his plans to make the colony's inhabitants slaves.
They are spotted by Barbarax, who sends Rocketron and an army of Swabbies to destroy the intruders. The Rangers go galactic, and fight back.
Several Swabbies are taken out by the Quasar Launchers.
Rocketron is attacked by Red Ranger on his Capsular Cycle.
The attack makes Rocketron grow, and when Galaxy Megazord is summoned,he grabs a hold of it and initiates a self-destruct sequence.
Stratoforce flies onto the scene and frees Galaxy Megazord from Rocketron's grasp. He then grabs the monster's arms and holds him in a lock.
Galaxy Megazord gives him a few swipes of the Megazord Saber, and Rocketron's own self-destruct sequence finishes the job.
The fallen Rocketron is approached by Deviot, alive after all, who absorbs his power, restoring his good looks, and destroying the monster.
The Rangers rush to the site where the crate is being opened to warn them not to open it, but they are too late.
Grunchor is unleashed! He attacks the Rangers and burrows underground, presenting a new menace to the colony.
  • This clears up much of the "Lost Galaxy" confusion.This is the lost galaxy, not where Mirinoi, Maya, Scorpius, the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena, and Magna Defender are from. The rift in space from episode one was just that - a rift in space, probably leading to some far off location within the same universe. (Supporting a theory I have heard that Mirinoi is the "new world".) We've seen where the rift in space led to, and it looked nothing like this lost galaxy. Not only that, but Maya was surprised to see it, and Trakeena didn't even dare go in, fearing she would never return. If she were from this lost galaxy, obviously, she did get out of it.
  • I can't beleive they used the "Swabbies".
  • Ever hear of the Trojan Horse fellas?
  • Why would a captain's name be Mutiny? Wouldn't a mutiny be the last thing he'd want?
  • The Ghost Commander tells them to go back the same way they came. I would assume this means they should recite the chant from Galaxy book again.