*Appeared in the series
*Toy form only
*Has Japanese counterpart
*Only one appears in the series
*Another version
Armored Figures


*[29001-29005] Operation Overdrive Power Rangers - Red, Black and Blue Rangers light up their visor lights and come with two grey weapons. Pink and Yellow Rangers come with weapons resembling their zords that light up and standard grey laser and sword weapons.

*[29006, 29162] Evil Space Alien - A generic name given to the grunt of the year. Comes with special armor and comes with extending arms and light-up action. Reffered to as 'Chiller' on the show. The same figure repainted green was later released as Chiller Overdrive Edition .

**[29091-29093] 12" Mega Talking Power Rangers - Red, Black and Blue Power Rangers.

*[94101] Jumbo Red Ranger

*[29041-29043] TransMax Vehicles - Mix and match zords into Megazord formations.

Armored Figures

*[29031-29033] Turbo Drill Power Rangers - Red, Black and Blue come with different drill head pieces, transform from armored Ranger to vehicle.

*[29062] Black Transtek Armor - Weapon becomes armor or vehicle for Black Ranger. Actually toy is black, not like white in promotions. *[29061] Red Transtek Armor - Vehicle becomes an armor for Red Ranger figure. In the series, it can be used by any of the Rangers.

*[29067-29069] Battlized Power Rangers - Red, Black, and Blue imported from Japan morph with their respective zords to armored rangers.

*[29007-29009, 29161] Torque Force Power Rangers - Torque Force Red Ranger, Torque Force Blue Ranger, and Mega Torque Red Ranger. Torque Force Black Ranger pictured below.

*[29166] Turbo Drill Green Power Ranger - Red Ranger with green drill.

*[29021-29024] Mach-Morph Power Rangers - Red, Blue, and Black Rangers transform into vehicles. Green Ranger not pictured.

**[94211-94212] Mega Battlized Power Ranger - Repackaged SPD Battlizer with Overdrive Ranger. In Red and in Black.


** [29101] Overdrive Tracker - Morpher that flips open comes with black light and key pad codes and 'Turbo Morph' wheel. Comes with five scan cards.

** [29106] Drive Defender - Comes with OO zip shooter.

* [94091] Soft Attack Drive Defender - foam form of the all ranger weapon.

** [29107] Drive Lance * [94092] Soft Attack Drive Lance

* [94093] Soft Attack Drill Blaster - foam form of the all ranger weapon.

* [94116] Overdrive Saber Max - Repaint of the Mystic Saber Max that never appeared on the Mystic Force show.

*Rapid Fire Water Shooter - Pink and white real-working water squirter. Disney Store exclusive.


*[29051-29053] Helio/ Hovertek Cycles - Red, Blue and Black cycles transform from bike to hovercraft. In some other product's packaging, referred to as Hovertek.

*[94061] Power Ranger Cycle Trans-Zord Cycle - Bike based on the Megazord.

*[29054-29055] Hovertek Cycles - Green, Blue and Orange cycles transform from bike to helicopter.

*[94196-94197] Power Ranger All Terrain Action Machine - Comes in Red and in Black.


** [29086] Drivemax Megazord - Five Zords (Dump Driver, Dozer Driver, Gyro Driver, Sub Driver and Speed Driver) and three ways to play. They can become the Mega Truck or the Megazord. They come with a secret code. These zords are not named in the packaging.
*[29076] Triple Transforming Megazord 1 - Three harbinger original zords inspired by the Red, Blue, and Black rangers can be used for single play or combined. Individual zords come with Ranger heads.


*[94106] Adventure Set - Comes with Red, Black, and Pink Rangers, DriveMax Megazord, Megazord weapon, Wild Force Falcon Summoner, Lava Lizard, Chiller and various play accessories.

*[94131] Red Ranger Ultimate Mission Gear - Comes with mask, gloves, smock, OO Zip Shooter, small Drive Lance, Drive Slammer, Drive Vortex, a digital camera (not known if actually works) and utility belt.

*Acamedy Training Set - Comes with with Red Ranger mask, smock, & badge, Overdrive Tracker, and repainted S.P.D. Delta Blasters.

* Mega Vehicle Set - Red and Black Rangers, repainted Vector Cycles from 'Time Force' and a repainted Yellow Triptoid from 'Dino Thunder.'