Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
1993-1996 | 155 Episodes
When sorceress Rita Repulsa was released from her prison, Zordon had to take action and form the Power Rangers. Five high school students begin the legacy by using Power Coins to transform and ward off evil space aliens with their Dinozords.

Power Rangers Zeo Power Rangers Zeo
1996-1997 | 50 Episodes
With the Power Coins destroyed, the Rangers needed a new source of power, and so they reformed the Zeo Crystal, which turned them into the Power Rangers Zeo. Using their Zeo powers, they must protect the Earth from invasion by the Machine Empire.

Power Rangers Turbo Power Rangers Turbo
1997-1998 | 45 Episodes
When lady pirate Divatox threatens the safety of Earth, the Rangers' only hope lies in the amazing Turbo Powers, which have made them the Power Rangers Turbo. This revved up team finds assistance in the Blue Senturion, and the mysterious Phantom Ranger.

Power Rangers In Space Power Rangers In Space
1998-1999 | 43 Episodes
Blast off into the final frontier as the Rangers take off for outer space to prevent Dark Specter from stealing Zordon's energy. They become the Power Rangers in Space, soaring through the cosmos in the Astro Megaship, and fighting the princess of evil, Astronema.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
1999-2000 | 45 Episodes
The Power Rangers travel deep into space aboard a space station from Earth, where they encounter more powerful evil aliens. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy chronicles their fight to protect the colony, using the power of the Quasar Sabers, and their Galactazords.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
2000-2001 | 40 Episodes
When demons resurface to capture the city of Mariner Bay, a defense organization assembles a team to fight the forces of evil. The five heroes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue utilize cutting edge technology to defend the city.

Power Rangers Time Force Power Rangers Time Force
2001-2002 | 40 Episodes
When a sinister mutant travels into the past, only one force can bring him in - Power Rangers Time Force. The legendary team battles to prevent Ransik from taking over the year 2001, aided by futuristic weapons and vehicles, as well as the Quantum Ranger.

Power Rangers Wild Force Power Rangers Wild Force
2002-2003 | 40 Episodes
The pollution of the Earth has allowed an ancient evil to escape. Ancient Power Animals choose young warriors to defend the planet as Power Ranger Wild Force. These heroes fend off the forces of the Org empire with savage weaponry and an army of Wild Zords.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Power Rangers Ninja Storm
2003-2004 | 38 Episodes
Three rebellious students are the last ones remaining at their ninja academy after evil aliens attack the Earth. To save the world, their ninja master teaches them to harness ancient mystical energies that transform them into Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Power Rangers Dino Thunder
2004-2005 | 38 Episodes
Dr. Tommy Oliver must recruit a lone musician, a champion gamer, and a hotshot soccer player to become Power Rangers to save the world against Mesogog. He must reignite his past as a Power Ranger, by becoming the Black Power Ranger and leading the team. With the help of a once evil White Ranger, the Power Rangers must bond with the Dino Gems and stop Mesogog once and for all.

Power Rangers S.P.D. Power Rangers S.P.D.
2005-2006 | 38 Episodes
Under the command of Anubus Cruger, a highly trained unit of police, the Space Patrol Delta, or S.P.D., has been formed to keep the peace. Five heroes are united together to serve and protect the galaxy as the Power Rangers S.P.D. - against the evil Emperor Gruumm, the commander of a battle space ship.

Power Rangers Mystic Force Power Rangers Mystic Force
2006-2007 | 32 Episodes
Planet Earth is living in a time of peace when quiet serenity is shattered under attack from a new evil... It is then that five daring teens learn their true identities - heroes entrusted with mystical powers destined to defend the Earth as Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
2007-2008 | 32 Episodes
The five jewels of the powerful Corona Aurora were spread throughout the Earth to prevent Moltor and Flurious, who were cursed for seeking it, from possessing it. Five young adventurers are recruited by the wealthy treasure hunter Andrew Hartford to become the Power Rangers to protect the Earth.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Power Rangers Jungle Fury
2008-2009 | 32 Episodes
Three young people are selected to protect the world from the evil Dai Shi, who had escaped from his imprisonment and possess the body of their former schoolmate. They are trained by several teachers in the art of Kung Fu from fierce animal spirits to save the world.

Power Rangers RPM Power Rangers RPM
2009 | 32 Episodes
A new computer virus Venjix Virus has taken over the world's communication, power and defense systems. built the Grinders, advanced robots and laid waste to the world. A new Power Ranger team was formed by Dr. K in the dome city of Corinth to fight the evil machines.

Power Rangers Samurai / Power Rangers Super Samurai Power Rangers Samurai / Power Rangers Super Samurai
2011-2012 | 44 Episodes
Five heroes use the Symbols of Power to fight evil Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks. Xandred is stuck on a junk in the Sanzu River and plans to flood the planet. Along their journey, they gain special discs and harness their powers.

Power Rangers Megaforce Power Rangers Megaforce
2013 | 22 Episodes
When the Warstar aliens invade, Earth's mystical guardian Gosei gathers five high school students to become Power Rangers and ward off evil space aliens with their Gosei Mechazords.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Power Rangers Super Megaforce
2014 | 20 Episodes
When Vrak's family's massive alien army is sent to conquer Earth, Gosei gives the Rangers special morphers and keys. These items allow them to become Super Megaforce Rangers. They also have the added ability to morph into any Power Ranger team from the past.

Power Rangers Dino Charge / Power Rangers Super Dino Charge Power Rangers Dino Charge / Power Rangers Super Dino Charge
2015-2016 | 44 Episodes
Intergalatic bountyhunter Sledge is after the Energems which have now bonded with the Dino Charge Rangers, both are in search of the remaining gems which Keeper entrusted to the dinosaurs.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
2017-2018 | 44 Episodes
Galvanax, the champion of an intergalactic reality competition show called Galaxy Warriors wants the six Power Stars from six teenagers. The Ninja Steel Rangers fight the monster contestants to protect the universe.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Power Rangers Beast Morphers
2019 | 44 Episodes
Grid Battleforce combines Morph-X with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus Evox bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Power Rangers Dino Fury
2021 | 44 Episodes
When an army of powerful alien beings are unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Power Rangers Cosmic Fury
2021 | 10 Episodes