Food Fight
Airdate: September 04, 1993

The Rangers are having a food festival to raise money for a new school playground.
Rita is sick, and the sight of food makes her feel even worse.
Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull start a food fight.
Rita has Finster to create a monster to devour the world's food supply.
He creates the Pudgy Pig, and sends him to Earth.
The Pudgy Pig ambushes people and the park and devours all the food in sight.
Principal Kaplan is enraged and brings everything to a hault.
He blames the Ranger teens for the mess and holds them responsible for getting it cleaned.
Zordon summons the Rangers to inform them of the recent crisis.
The Power Rangers show up to battle the Pudgy Pig.
Unfortunately for them, he devours their weapons.
He then uses his powers to warp the Rangers away.
They find themselves in Angel Grove Park.
Meanwhile, the Pudgy Pig makes his way to the food festival.
The Rangers arrive to find everything devoured, except for the spicy foods.
The Rangers decide to use this to their advantage, and Zordon alerts them of the Pudgy Pig's next attack.
The Power Rangers show up to stop the Pig once and for all.
The Yellow Ranger hides some spicy vegetables in a sandwhich.
The spices give Pudgy Pig major heartburn and he throws up their weapons.
The Rangers get their weapons back and get ready to take the monster down.
They assemble the Power Blaster to finish the job.
The Pudgy Pig is finally destroyed.
Rita is pissed at yet another loss against the Rangers.
The Ranger teens return to the Youth Center to find everything a wreck.
Alpha 5 has made some food to help the Rangers.
He teleports the food to them, and they use it to complete the fund raiser.
  • Bulk and Skull should be banned from coming within a fifty yard radius of pies.
  • Only MMPR could get away with wacky plots like having the Rangers use spicy food against the monster.
  • Pudgy Pig is still one of the most popular monsters of the day, despite being one of the most ridiculous.