No Clowning Around
Airdate: September 17, 1993

The Rangers enjoy a day at the fair.
Little do they know, that the clowns that are running the fair are really Putties.
Trini introduces her cousin Silvia to the others.
Rita reveals her master plan to trap the Rangers through her carnival, and asks Finster to make her a monster.
Finster tells her about the Pineoctopus - his latest creation.
Meanwhile, Pineapple the Clown lures Silvia away from the Rangers.
Trini follows after them only to witness Silvia get turned into cardboard.
While Trini goes to Billy's garage to find a cure, the other Rangers warn the other people that Rita is attacking.
The Rangers are confronted by a bunch of clowns.
They reveal their true forms as Putties.
Zack defends himself from the Putties.
Jason and the other Rangers take on the Putties as well.
Pineapple the Clown reveals himself as the ring leader.
His true form turns out to be the Pineoctopus.
The Rangers morph into action, and their suits protect them from the Pineoctopus' magic.
Goldar, Baboo, and Squat show up to give Pineoctopus backup.
The Power Rangers defeat the Putties.
The Red Ranger battles Goldar.
Meanwhile, Trini and Alpha 5 are able to restore Silvia to normal.
The Pineoctopus insists that he can handle the Rangers on his own.
Pineoctopus attacks the Rangers.
Rita uses her magic wand to make Pineoctopus grow.
The Triceratops Dinozord grapples the monster up in chains.
The Mastodon Dinozord makes frozen pineapple.
The Rangers form the Megazord and finish the job.
Later, Silvia appoligizes to Trini for running off.
  • Pale white skin, tricks kids into going off with him. At first I thought Pineapple the Clown was Michael Jackson.
  • Okay, if the entire fair was ran by Rita's henchmen, why was it still running in the last scene?
  • Silvia's not too smart running off with some strange clown. I guess she never saw It.
  • I half expected Commander Cruger to appear at the end of this episode and give a speech about not going with strangers. "Anubis Cruger, Chicago Illinois, 60652. Only you can take a BITE out of CRIME!"