Green with Evil, Part 5 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Green with Evil, Part 5
Airdate: October 09, 1993

Rita Repulsa and her henchmen celebrate the defeat of the Power Rangers.
Alpha 5 convinces the Rangers not to give up.
At the Youth Center, the news report shows Goldar's recent attack on the city.
Kimberly confronts Tommy about being the Green Ranger, but Tommy vows that he will destroy her and the others.
Meanwhile, Rita calls forth the Dragonzord for the Green Ranger to command.
The Dragonzord rises from the depths of Angel Grove lake.
The Green Ranger stands on top of the Dragonzord and unleashes it on the city.
The other Rangers are alerted to the attack and morph into action.
The Rangers rush in to defend the city from the Dragonzord.
The Green Ranger uses his new Dragon Dagger as a flute to control the Dragonzord remotely.
Meanwhile, Alpha 5 finally brings back Zordon, who alerts the Rangers that they must destroy the Sword of Darkness to break the Rita's spell.
Zordon activates the Rangers' Power Coins and revives the Dinozords.
The Red Ranger confronts the Dragonzord with the Tyrannosaurus.
The Rangers form the Megazord to take down the Dragonzord.
The Megazord picks up the Dragonzord by its tail and tosses it into some mountains.
The Red Ranger jumps to the ground to confront the Green Ranger.
The Red Ranger catches the Green Ranger offguard.
He uses his Blade Blaster to destroy the Sword of Darkness.
Tommy is released from Rita's spell and Jason comes rushing to his side. "What have I done?" Tommy replies.
Jason and the other Rangers convince Tommy to join them in the battle against evil.
Zordon tells the Rangers to morph and call forth their Dinozords.
All six Power Rangers are finally united.
Zordon informs the Rangers to combine the Sabertoothed Tiger, Triceratops, and Mastodon with the Dragonzord to create the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode.
Rita is enraged at yet another failure and that the Green Ranger has joined the side of good. Goldar promises they will all pay.
Later at the Command Center, Zordon and other Rangers welcome Tommy to the team.
All six Rangers put their hands together and jump into the air as they shout, "Power Rangers!"
  • How did they get news footage of Rita inside the Moon Palace?
  • When the Dragonzord gets thrown to the ground, Tommy calls out "No way!", but that's obviously not Jason David Frank.
  • This brings the legendary saga of the evil Green Ranger to an end, but it's just the beginning of Tommy's legacy.