Two Heads Are Better Than One
Airdate: April 29, 1994

Jason and Tommy teach a woman's defense class.
Kim and Trini show example with the boys.
Rita wants a new monster with two heads.
The gang try Ernie's new exotic fruit drinks.
Bulk and Skull arrive late for the defense class.
The parrot monster attacks the two boys.
The two morph and combat the monster.
Tommy convinces Jason to retreat.
Zordon teleports the team there to tells them about the monster.
Tommy is sent to find a Pomango fruit to trap the beast.
The Rangers morph and fight Putties and the monster.
Tommy finds the tree and putties go after him.
Putties steal the fruits but Tommy asks Ernie for one.
The Rangers continue to battle the monster.
Tommy arrives and the monster fights for the fruit.
The Rangers give Tommy a boost for a kick.
Rita makes it grow and Megazord is formed.
Dragonzord fights the monster.
Titanus is called. Ultrazord is formed and destroys the monster.
Ernie gives a confused Kim another fruit for her parrot Tommy told him about.
Bulk and Skull arrive and complain there are no babes.
The ladies gladly show off their skills and wipe out the duo.