Curse Of The Cobra
Airdate: May 13, 2000

Diabolico's trio returns to the Skull Cavern to tell their boss that they were defeated by the Titanium Ranger. He tells them to attack again, and gives Demonite a mirror.
Carter goes to Ryan's quarters to take him to training. He peeks in and notices the snake tattoo. Before they can make it to training, Captain Mitchell calls them into action.
The Rangers take off to the city and confront the three monsters.
All six of them morph, and pair off against the monsters.
Ryan is in trouble - the cobra crawling up his back has him writhing in pain.
Demonite uses the mirror to create a duplicate of himself.
Demonite and friends lure the five base Rangers away, while Ryan fights the clone by himself. The Rangers whip out the V-Lancers, but as usual, the blast is bounced back at them.
With the pain from the cobra tattoo severaly weaknening him, Ryan is no match for the Demonite clone. He is attacked over and over, and drops out of his morph.
When the Rangers hear Ryan in trouble they race to his location to help him out. The monsters are hot on their trail.
They pull a psyche out and set them up for an ambush by Carter, blasting away with both the Unilaser and V-Lancer.
Carter pins Demonite against the wall with both guns and demands that he call off the clone. Demonite refuses, and dares Carter to shoot.
Time is running out for Ryan. The Demonite clone continues his brutal assault on the unmorphed Ranger, and prepares to finish him.
Carter backs off, but the fool Demonite attacks, forcing Carter to shoot him at point blank range.
With Demonite destroyed, the clone is destroyed as well, saving Ryan from being sliced and diced.
The Rangers think Carter has been killed in the blast, but he rises, severely damaged.
Demonite is recontructed and enlarged. The Rangers summon the Lightspeed Megazord.
They follow that up and finish him off with the Supertrain Megazord.
Captain Mitchell hears about Ryan's tattoo, and orders him not to morph until they find a way to deal with it.