Wrath Of The Queen
Airdate: November 15, 2000

Queen Bansheera advances her transformation process by killing and absorbing Vypra.
She then gives Loki the go ahead to fight the Rangers. Little does he know she is using him.
Mitchell sends the team to investigate an energy flux at the stadium. They call Carter, who is out jogging.
Carter has his own probs - he has stumbled upon Olympius' lair, and discovers that he is alive.
The four Rangers face Loki at the stadium, and demand an explanation for the energy flux. Diabolico joins in and helps his buddy.
Bansheera does her hocus pocus and the four Rangers, as well as Loki and Diabolico, are sucked through the vortex into the Skull Cavern dimension.
Bansheera forces Diabolico to blast at the Rangers even though Loki is in the way. Loki ends up taking the brunt of the blast, and he is killed.
Queen Bansheera's powers have gotten to her head. She shows no regard for her crew. Diabolico and the Rangers are trapped by flames.
Carter narrowly misses some shotsfrom Olympius, and barely makes it out alive in the Mobile Armor Vehicle.
Carter flies to the stadium, and leaps into the vortex to save his teammates.
In the Skull Cavern dimension, the trapped Diabolico is nice enough to tell Carter what the Queen's weak spot is.
Carter races through the Skull Cavern, looking for Bansheera. He takes on a few Batlings along the way.
He finally comes faceto face with the evil queen. She promptly zaps him with some thunder shocks.
Carter activates his Battle Booster and punches Bansheera right in the chest, just where Diabolico said.
All of the Rangers are safely sucked out of the Vortex.
The queen follows, except she is now a giant, and lays waste to the city.
The Rangers battle her briefly with the Lightspeed Solarzord, but then she retreats for no reason.
Diabolico is not too thrilled about the Queen betraying her own people, especially his buddy Loki, and swears vengeance.