Clash For Control, Part 1 - Power Rangers Time Force

Clash For Control, Part 1
Airdate: May 05, 2001

Ransik cooks up his latest scheme - to send a mutant to travel back in time to get him the Quantasaurus Rex.
The Rangers try to convince Eric to give back the Quantum Morpher, but he assures them he isn't about to.
Nearby, Commandocon opens upa time hole and leaps into it to go after the lost Q-Rex.
Eric doesn't waste any time. He morphs, boards his TF Eagle, and flies to the time hole.
Wes morphs too, and leaps onto the TF Eagle, taking him into the time hole with Eric.
The two find themselves in prehistoric times. Wes admires a T-Rex nest.
It isn't long before they are chased down by the momma T-Rex.
The dino knocks Wes off a cliff. He takes a bad fall, but is uninjured.
Eric ducks into a cave until the T-Rex gets tired and leaves.
Snooping around the cave, he finds out that the Q-Rex resides in a volcano.
The Q-Rex arises, and heads towards the cave.
Before Wes can go into the cave, Commandocon shows up. He beats Wes up and heads in first.
He attaches a controller onto Q-Rex, giving him complete control.
Wes gets up and heads for the cave again, but this time he is beaten up by an angry Eric.
As the two battle, Commandocon opens up the time hole again and takes Q-Rex back to present day.
Eric boards the TF Eagle once more, and takes off without Wes, leaving him stranded, and in danger.
He changes his mind, and picks up Wes from a deadly dive into a lava pit.
Q-Rex lands in present daySilver Hills, and begins destroying the city.
Eric tries to control it with his morpher, but it doesn't respond.
Ransikbrings his posse out to enjoy the carnage created by their new Zord.