Darkness Awakening
Airdate: February 09, 2002

Cole and the Red Lion sit on a cliff, chatting about the latest gossip.
A Barb Wire Org surfaces, and begins crushing things with barbed tentacles.
Jindrax and Toxica travel deep into the ground, and find the old Org temple.
The granddaddy of all Orgs walks in. Master Org has returned, and he's ready to rock.
The Rangers go to the city to fight the new Org.Cole wants to reason with it, while Taylor wants to kick butt.
An army of soldiers welcomes the Rangers. Enter the Putrids.
Cole goes with his plan, and tries to reason with Barb Wire Org.
That didn't work. Time for plan B - kick butt!
Taylor takes to the skies and knocks out some Putrids.
The Rangers destroy the Org with the Jungle Sword.
Toxica resurrects him as a giant.
The Wild Zords descend.
The Red Lion tells Cole that they need to combine into the Wild Force Megazord. The team joins sabers.
The Power Animals come together, and the Wild Force Megazord is formed.
He makes a ferocious face to show that he means business.
Then he finishes off the monster with the Mega Roar attack.
Even though he lost, Master Org is still in a good mood, and thinks of more plans to destroy the world.
Back atthe Animarium, the Rangers give Cole a surprise- a bath and a haircut. Lose the headband dude.
  • Master Org ... ugh.
  • Nice finishing move - the Care Bear stare.
  • Cole poses a good question. Why exactly are the Orgs attacking? Hopefully we will see some kind of motivation for their attacks on the city.