Taming Of The Zords - Power Rangers Wild Force

Taming Of The Zords
Airdate: September 29, 2002

Kite listens to Shayla's song again, finding it, and the term "Wild Zords", familiar.
Toxica and Jindrax run into Lion Tamer Org, who they take into the city to call the Rangers out
They do show up, but are tamed by the Org into acting like their animal counterparts.
Toxica force feeds him the seeds to make him grow large and tame the Wild Zords.
The Wild Zords are called, and it works. Lion Tamer Org pets the obedient Lion Zord.
He commands the Zords to combine into the Wild Force Megazord and attack the Rangers.
He is stopped by the Predazord, piloted by Merrick.
Toxica and Jindrax sit on the sidelines and call the match.
With Predazord in trouble, the Rangers call out the Kongazord Striker.
He tussles with the Wild Force Megazord, trying not to hurt him.
Lion Tamer Org wraps up Predazord to keep him out of the match.
The Org also tames the Elephant and Giraffe, and forms Spear and Shield.
The Rangers call the Deer before the Org can get to him, and forms the Clutcher mode.
The Org ups them one again, and snags one of the Bears to form Spear and Knuckle mode.
A knuckle hit knocks the Rangers right out of the Kongazord.
Lion Tamer Org then assumes control of it as well.
Predazord breaks loose, but he is trashed by the two Megazords.
Kite has hadenough. He intervenes and commands the Zords to stop fighting.
He conjures up some mystical winds, and the Zords snap out of it just in time.
All Megazords turn their attention to Lion Tamer Org and rough him up.
Then the Rangers finish him off with the Isis Megazord.
As Merrick holds an unconscious Kite, he tells the Rangers that he remembers that wind.. from 3000 years ago.