The Soul Of Humanity - Power Rangers Wild Force

The Soul Of Humanity
Airdate: October 05, 2002

While looking to see if any Wild Zords are still left, Cole finds an unconscious Princess Shayla.
He heads to the Road House to tell Merrick that Shayla is back into her sleep. He runs off.
Meanwhile, a new Org has arisen - Toy Org, and begins demolishing a construction site.
Utterly demoralized, the Rangers do not want to take action. Alyssa has to convince them to never give up.
They morph and meet up with Cole. They attack the Toy Org.
Merrick heads to the Wild Zord shrine and pleads for help.
Kite appears, and tells Merrick that he does not belong here. He offers him a place with him and the Wild Zords.
Weakened by the loss of the Wild Zords, the Rangers are getting trashed by Toy Org.
When the humans flee, leaving a girl and a woman pinned under rubble, Mandilok rubs it in, saying how worthless humans are.
But, the humans return, and successfully free the girl and the woman from the wreckage. They even save the girl's little dog Rusty.
Now it's Cole's turn to rub it in, as he tells Mandilok of the true soul of humanity.
Kite shines the light on Merrick, urging him to join him. Merrick refuses, and leaves to help his friends.
Animus then shines the light on Shayla, and wakes her up.
Merrick morphs and meets up with the other Rangers.
His Wild Zords return to him, allowing him to use the crystals for a Lunar Break, destroying Toy Org.
Toxica zaps Toy Org with the seeds, turning him into a giant robo.
Merrick calls on the Predazord, the only Zord any of the Rangers have.
Shayla goes to the Rangers, and reminds them that they are forever linked with the souls of the Wild Zords.
They use the soul connection to give Merrick and the predazord a huge power boost.
Then Animus shows up, and says that he has always wanted to fight alongside of Merrick.
The super charged Predazord destroys Toy Org with the Lunar Wave.
Back at the shrine, Kite tells the Rangers that this was all a test, to see how commited they were to protecting the Earth.
He gives Cole a gift, the Wild Force Rider, replacing his Savage Cycle.
Knowing that Earth is in good hands, Animus then leaves the Rangers.