Return Of Thunder, Part 2
Airdate: April 19, 2003

Cam and Sensei are freezing down in Ninja Ops. A freak cold front is lowering the Earth's temperature.
The three Wind Rangers find each other on the island. Shane chews Tori out for trusting the Thunders.
They eventually run into the Thunder Rangers, who insist on fighting.
An all out battle ensues between the Thunder and Wind Ninjas.
The battle eventually escalates to Rangers vs. Rangers.
Lothor complains about the temperature, and orders Zurgane to fix the heat on the ship.
As the Rangers fight, Hunter's memories begin to return.
The hesitation gives the Wind Rangers a chance to strike them down.
Blake and Hunter recover with their memories intact.
Choobo comes down and summons Super Toxipod.
He then puts Hunter back under the spell, and turns him against Blake.
The Rangers battle the new and improved version of their old foe.
The Wind Rangers save Blake from Hunter and teleport away.
They hide out in a cave, where they tend to Blake. They promise to help him get his brother back.
At Ninja Ops, Cam discovers the island, and that it is repsonsible for the cold front. Sensei feels that the Rangers are somehow involved.
An out of control Hunter roams the island, looking for his brother so he can destroy him.
  • After Shane's attitude towards Tori, Dustin recommends trading him in for another Ranger - "maybe a green one".