Return Of Thunder, Part 3
Airdate: April 26, 2003

Blake gives the Rangers bad news - the island they're on isn't on any map, and will soon sink.
He also tells them how he and Hunter became Rangers after their ninja academy was attacked by Lothor.
The Rangers are attacked by Toxipod. The engage in a shadow battle, and defeat him with the Storm Striker.
Then they find Hunter. Blake fights with his brother, trying to break him free of the spell.
The Wind Rangers are kept busy battling Choobo, who retreats.
Hunter snaps out of the spell, and greets his friends.
Cam is finally able to contact the Rangers, and sends the Zords to bring them home.
They'll need them for more than transportation when Toxipod returns as a giant.
After destroying Toxipod with the Megazords, the Rangers use them to head home as the island sinks.
At Storm Chargers, Kelly gives Blake and Hunter another chance, and hires them as stock boys.
At Ninja Ops, they are given an invitation to join the Wind Rangers, but they need time to think about it.
Choobo swears vengeance on the Thunder Rangers as he is banished from the space fortress.