The Samurai's Journey, Part 3
Airdate: June 07, 2003

After barely escaping an attack by Lothor, the Rangers go back to Ninja Ops and regain their powers.
When Lothor dispatches five different monsters, the Rangers split up and battle them all one on one.
When a sixth appears, Cam battles him, but is stung by the Sucker.
Back at Ninja Ops he discovers that the bite is turning him into an insect.
When the monsters begin to grow, the Storm Megazord destroys them.
While the Thunder Rangers defeat the monsters in their smaller forms.
Cam finds Sucker again, and using Super Samurai mode, forces him to retract the venom.
Being the last monster left, Sucker is turned into a giant.
The Rangers destroy him with the Megazord in Samurai Storm mode.
Back at Ninja Ops, Cam is given his very own ninjasuit.