Ocean Alert - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Ocean Alert
Airdate: April 10, 2004

Everyone gasps as big time television diva Nikki Valentina pays a visit to the cyber cafe.
Believing her to be a perfect specimen, Mesogog has her captured and brought back to his lair.
When she escapes through an invisiportal, Zeltrax and the monster follow her.
The Rangers show up to save the actress.
As usual, Tommy and Zeltrax duke it out.
Meanwhile, Hayley uncovers a new dino egg.
The Rangers form the Megazord when the shark monster is turned into a giant.
The Rangers are assisted by the newly hatched Stego Zord.
Stego forms a board for the Megazord to ride on. The Rangers destroy the monster and stop a tidal wave.
The lucky dog Devon lands a role on Nikki's tv show.