The Passion Of Conner - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The Passion Of Connor
Airdate: September 05, 2004

Conner pretends to be interested in saving a tree to impress Krista who is passionate about the environment.
At a picket to save the tree, Conner admits to Ethan he doesn't care about the tree and Krista overhears him.
Krista won't back down to the construction crew, when a crane accidently drops. Conner uses his super speed to save her.
Later on, Zeltrax is alive and wants the serum from the tree. He finds Devin tied up and demands he go announce to the Power Rangers of his return.
Elsa shows up to claim the tree for Mesogog, when Zeltrax attacks her and they engage in battle.
Zeltrax transforms this tree of life into Deadwood.
At the Dino Lab, Hayley informs them that the tree obtains water from a fountain of youth, which both Zeltrax and Mesogog seem to be seeking.
Conner begins to doubt if he really has the passion to do anything for what he believes in like Krista.
Tommy tells him that at his age, he too lacked confidence, but also tells him that he when he does he'll find a power much greater than even Triassic.
The Rangers are alerted to the Triptoids appearence.
Elsa and the White Ranger show up to join the fight.
A new and improved Zeltrax appears fully powered by the tree of life.
While the others deal with the Deadwood and the Dino Stegazord, Tommy and Trent handle Zeltrax, but are overpowered.
The Black Ranger informs Conner to combine the four assault Dinozords with the Mezodon Megazord to create the Triceramax Megazord.
With the powerful Triceramax Megazord on their side, the Rangers defeat the Dino Stegazord and destroy Deadwood.
While Krista shows up to find a way to protect the tree, Zeltrax arrives to absorb its fountain of youth.
The Red Ranger shows up to save Krista and engages in a losing battle with Zeltrax.
Zeltrax takes Krista as bait, and the Red Ranger follows.
The Red Ranger shows up injured, but still determined to sage Krista.
Conner remembers Tommy's words of wisdom about how passion doesn't just happen, you make it grow.
Conner finds the passion to ignite an imense supply of Dino Power and morphs straight into the Triassic Ranger.
The Triassic Ranger uses the remaining Dino Power to unlock the Battlizer.
The Triassic Ranger uses the Battlizer's Super Stretch abilities to save Krista from a fall after Zeltrax drops her.
The Triassic Ranger uses the Battlizer to overpower and defeat Zeltrax.
Zeltrax survives the blast, but has reverted back to his normal form. He swears revenge upon his enemies.
At school, everyone gathers around as they plant a new tree in hopes for new beginnings.
  • When Conner is able unlock the power, he is able to morph directly to Triassic Ranger, which before could've only been achieved with help from Ethan and Kira.
  • The Triptoids are used for the first time since Episode #17 - The Missing Bone.
  • In the scene where Conner remembers Tommy's advice, he says "Passion doesn't just happen. You make it grow." But during the conversation they have, it doesn't actually show him say that.
  • Super Stretch was definitely one of the weirdest Battlizer abilities.