Thunder Struck, Part 2 - Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Thunder Struck, Part 2
Airdate: November 20, 2004

The Rangers return to find the Dino Lab demolished and Elsa missing. They check the black box to find out that Zeltrax is responsible.
Not long after, they show up as Zeltrax unleashes his powerful Zelzord to attack Reefside.
Zeltrax holds Elsa captive inside the Zelzord as she tries to talk some sense into him.
The Black Ranger invades the Zelzord to save Elsa and stop Zeltrax once and for all, but he runs into the Triptoids.
Meanwhile as the White Ranger fights the Triptoids on the ground, the other Rangers use their Megazords to confront the Zelzord.
Kira rushes off to help Tommy and they both come to Elsa's rescue, but Zeltrax won't let them go without a fight.
Zeltrax powers up into his ultimate form, but the Yellow and Black Rangers are still finally able to destroy him.
Zelzord however remains too powerful for the Thundersaurus and Mezodon Megazords to stop on their own.
Tommy instructs them to summon all of the Dinozords to stop zelzord, but they must ultimately sacrifice the Dinozords before they are all destroyed.
Conner and Ethan barely make out alive, but it can't be over yet, can it?
Mesogog has survived and has absorbed enough energy from the Dino Gems to become a powerful monster.
"Dino Thunder, Power Up!" the Rangers call out as they morph into action to take down Mesogog.
Mesogog is too powerful for even the Battlizer and his DNA copies itself to make clones and four times the trouble.
The Power Rangers must summon all of their power from their Dino Gems to unleash an unstoppable power.
The Dino Gem power becomes a giant dinosaur of energy which devours Mesogog and all of his clones.
The Power Rangers Dino Thunder pose victoriously as Mesogog is destroyed once and for all.
The Rangers used all of their Dino Gem power to destroy Mesogog and they have returned to normal with their Gems as no more than artifacts.
Cassidy and Devin have been taping the entire battle and know their secret identities, but have decided to give up the tape, because of their friendship.
Tommy reminds the others that their lives may go back to normal, but they'll never be the same.
Devin and Cassidy show up at the prom together.
Conner arrives there with Krista, the "tree girl", because it's what's on the inside that counts.
Ethan brings Angela a girl he met standing in line for tickets to Asteroid Conquest 2.
Trent reveals that he will be going to art school in the fall, and Tommy has decided to live the quiet life, but we all know how that usually goes.
Elsa has taken over the position as the new principal, and Anton asks her for a dance with an old friend.
Tommy goes to the stage to introduce the band and gives everyone props for all they've been through during the year.
Kira is introduced and sings as everyone enjoys the dance and memories are shared.
  • Mesogog absorbed enough of the Dino Gems to become a super powerful monster and the rest of the power is used to destroy him. The Dino Gems are completely powerless now although we know they'll be recharged in 20 years.
  • Although, the Dragozord can't be seen in the final scene with the Dinozords, it is implied that all of the Dinozords were destroyed.
  • It would've been nice for some more American/New Zealand footage in this episode. The White Ranger was stuck fighting the Triptoids again.
  • Anton hinted that she and Elsa are old friends. This probably explains why Mesogog used her to begin with.
  • It was nice to see Kira get to sing at the dance one last time as they reflected the memories that they all had.
  • It's too bad Tommy didn't get a better send off in this episode since this may be the last time we'll see him apart from being in the suit in "Wormhole". It would've been cool if the series ended with Tommy getting a call and the last thing you hear is him respond, "Emperor Gruumm?"
  • Dino Thunder was a fantastic series with a lot of great characters and showed ties to the past by bringing Tommy onboard.