Airdate: February 12, 2005

B Squad is on a stakeout to stop some alien car thieves.
Jack and Sky get into an arguement, when Sky reveals that Jack is the leader of B Squad.
Emperor Gruumm sends his troops into the Helix Nebula to lure the A Squad into a trap.
A Squad races off to deal with Gruumm's forces in the nebula.
Commander Cruger explains to the Rangers what they're up against.
Boom informs Jack that the Red Ranger gets to tell the other Rangers what to do.
Gruumm is bothered by Mora, who demands to leave his chambers at once.
Jack takes advantage of his newfound leadership and chooses to relax, while reading some comic books.
It doesn't take Commander Cruger long to figure out what's going on.
Gruumm enlists the assistence of Broodwing to expand his army.
While the other Rangers are sent through the obstacle course.
Jack enjoys his free time.
Mora draws a monster and uses her power to bring it to life.
Emperor Gruumm sends Praxis to attack Earth.
Cruger takes strips Jack of his Ranger status after the other Rangers admit he's not qualified to be leader.
Praxis uses a giant robot, provided by Broodwing; to attack the city.
The Rangers are given Zord status and the ability to summon the Delta Runners.
Jack watches as his teemates are schooled. He finally convinced Cruger to give him another chance.
Delta Runner 1 is online.
The Rangers finally work together and are able to combine the Delta Runners.
The Delta Squad Megazord is formed and destroys its target.
The Red Ranger judges Praxis of his crimes and he his found guilty.
Jack has learned his lesson and uses the Delta Blasters to finish the job.
Praxis is sealed away for containment.
Jack tries to make up for abusing his rank by doing the obstacle course.
The other Rangers have forgiven Jack, but Sky's not so sure about him.
  • Syd has a stuffed elephant named Peanuts.
  • With A Squad sent off to fight Gruumm's forces in space, B Squad has the responsibility of protecting Earth.
  • The Power Rangers seem to be a more rank oriented team in S.P.D. than they have in the past.