Airdate: February 19, 2005

The Rangers are playing a game of lightball.
But Sky insists that he doesn't have time for games.
A giant robot is attacking the city.
Ringbah is attacking with his robot carelessly, when Gruumm orders him to get down to business.
Jack rushes in to fight the robot.
Sky insists that they form the Megazord.
Mora orders Ringbah to retreat, because his energy is too low.
Kat gives Jack and Bridge the Patrol Cycles, and Sky is jellous.
Cruger recieves a distress call from A Squad, but is unable to pinpoint their location.
Gruumm sends the Krybots to steal diamonds to be converted into Hellarium Crystals.
The Krybots attach a teleporter to the case of diamonds.
The Rangers race to stop them.
Jack and Sky must face an army of Krybots.
While the other Rangers rush to protect the diamonds.
Sydney uses her genetic power to use the power of the diamonds against the Krybots.
Jack orders Sky to stay and watch the diamonds, while he and the others report to Cruger.
Sydney begs to help protect the diamonds.
Mora has a diamond that a Krybot stole used to power Ringbah's robot.
Sydney is called in for backup, and Sky chooses to disobey orders and go as well.
The Delta Runners destroy Ringbah's giant robot.
The Blue Ranger judges Ringbah with the Judgement Scanner and he is found guilty.
The Blue Ranger uses his Deltamax Striker to bring the criminal down.
Ringbah is contained.
With the Rangers gone, the Krybots are able to steal the rest of the diamonds.
Cruger points out how Sky's selfishness has costed the rest of the team.
Jack tries to reason with Sky and invites him to play lightball with the others.
  • A picture of Sky's father was shown and he is wearing the Red Time Force Ranger costume.
  • For a split second, when Sky puts the picture down, you can see it was replaced with a picture of the Himitsu Sentai Goranger.
  • Lightball seems to be a futuristic version of Dodgeball.