Airdate: March 05, 2005

Commander Cruger reports that the A Squad are now officially missing in action.
The Rangers are alerted to an emergency after being informed of an intergalactic bankrobber.
An alien chases after innocent civilians.
The Power Rangers show up to stop him in his tracks.
Bridge reads the alien's aura, and insists that he's not evil.
Records show the alien as Trilondon, who the Rangers nickname as T-Top.
Broodwing collects money to help out a mysterious criminal.
The Rangers are sent to investigate another bank robbery, and are greeted by a beautiful witness named Diane.
The Rangers are insistant that the bank robber is T-Top, but Bridge wants to run his own leads.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers encounter T-Top again.
Bridge runs into Diane again, and asks her to blow up a baloon for him.
Diane demands that Broodwing keep the Rangers off her trail.
Broodwing forces T-Top to grow in the middle of the city.
The Rangers form the Delta Squad Megazord to deal with the giant alien.
The Red Ranger uses the Judgement Scanner on T-Top.
T-Top is found innocent.
The Megazord uses the Shrink Cuffs to neutralize T-Top as a threat to the city.
The Rangers find out T-Top is a bounty hunter, but Diane still insists he's guilty.
But Bridge insists that she's the criminal, and because she breathes out oxygen; is a plant based life form.
Diane is really Hydrax from the planet Fernovia.
The Green Ranger judges Hydrax for her crimes, and she is found guilty.
The Power Rangers use the Canine Cannon to bring down their target.
Hydrax is confined for containment.
Cruger informs the Rangers about Broodwing.
Meanwhile, Gruumm commands Broodwing to show some kind of allegience.
Jack comes to appoligize to Bridge for not listening to him.
  • Commander Cruger keeps his money at the Colonial National Bank.
  • Broodwing can summon bats whos bites can make aliens grow.
  • Hydrax was able to slice into the banks using plant based water pressure.