Wired, Part 1
Airdate: May 07, 2005

Gruumm is getting fed up with Mora, and after she begs him, he gives her one more chance to come up with a plan.
Meanwhile at S.P.D. Headquarters, B-Squad trains D-Squad in a simulation.
D-Squad is attacked by Krybots and are easily defeated.
Except for one cadet Sophie, who handles the Krybots like a pro.
Mora goes to the home planet of Valco in search of his assistance against the Power Rangers.
Bridge shows Sophie the Command Center and introduces her to Kat, who is working on the new D.B.D.S. - Delta Base Defense System.
Alarms go off at the event of an earth tremor.
Kat and the Rangers go to investigate and discover a massive whole, which something dug out of.
Valco presents his plan to Gruumm, revealing that he plans to unleash a powerful giant cyborg known as Goradon.
When Sophie starts to doubt herself, Bridge offers to read her aura, but she makes up an excuse to leave.
Sophie sneaks into the Command Center at night in order to access the D.B.D.S., but runs away when Kat hears a noise.
The B-Squad continues the training with D-Squad outside of the Delta Base.
Valco shows up with a squad of Krybots in search of a Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Encryptor, which he needs to control Goradon.
The Rangers morph into action to stop the attack. "S.P.D. Emergency!"
Valco goes after Sophie.
The Green Ranger comes to her defense.
The Green Ranger takes the D-Squad cadets back inside the Delta Base.
Valco summons a giant robot he bought from Broodwing to attack the Delta Base.
Commander Cruger won't just stand by and let his base be attacked, and orders the D.B.D.S to be brought online.
The Delta Base finally fights back by firing an energy blast.
The Delta Base is reconfigured into Delta Command, which moblizes itself and arms it with laser cannons.
Kat informs the Rangers that the Delta Runners are now free to be launched.
The Rangers launch the Delta Runners to stop the Valco's giant robot.
The Delta Squad Megazord takes down its opponent, but Goradon arrises to finish the job.
The Rangers return to the recreation room to find Sophie is a cyborg. They also realize that she must be the one that hacked the D.B.D.S. program, and decide she is a security risk to the entire base and expell her from the Academy.
Depressed, Sophie leaves the Academy only to find herself right in Valco's grasp.
  • The planet that Mora finds Valco on has the same exterior view as Onyx, which was seen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. So far there is nothing to suggest that it's not the same planet.
  • It was good to see B-Squad training the D-Squad cadets. They really got owned by the Krybots.
  • So far we've seen A, B, and D-Squad. What about C-Squad? Speaking of which, will we ever see A-Squad again?