Pirate in Pink - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Pirate in Pink
Airdate: March 26, 2007

Mack takes out the map his father gave away artifacts for and the four except Rose deduce it is pirate treasure they are looking for on St. Lucia. Will finds something that excites Mack about Brownbeard. There might be a ghost pirate.
And the jewel he sought might be one of the jewels they are looking for. Mack goes first on a bridge, which breaks and they all hold on to each other and tossed by Mack with his super strength. Meanwhile, Miratrix is on the island and asks Kamdor for a warrior.
Kamdor mentions he is still waiting for her to release him. The Rangers enter a 'creepy' cave and hear strange noises. Rose still boasts there is no ghosts when Brownbeard arrives. Mack is star-strucked, but Brownbeard wants them off the island.
Rose threatens him and calls him a thief. He tries charming her with no luck. Mack hides the map. Brownbeard offers them teaming up. Brownbeard claims he just wants to hold the jewel to rest his spirit. Rose leaves and is confronted by the ghost, who boasts fun.
He questions her if she ever had fun, she tells him her funless history. He posesses her, in hopes of giving her fun. The others follow the map and are attacked by Miratrix and her goon. Mack hides the map and the six fight. The monster is too strong for the three.
Miratrix grabs the map and is then brought down by Rose dressed as a pirate. She fights the monster with ease and a magic sword. Miratrix retreats. The five head off and find the spot. The four dig, but Rose doesn't. They find a treasure chest with a bunch of things.
Rose grabs the Eye of the Sea from another box. Mack knew it is Brownbeard and has him let Rose go. He leaves with the jewel, admitting he lied. they all are attacked once again. Miratrix grabs the jewel and leaves. Rose berates the pirate.
The gang return to the mansion. She feels humilated, but Mack thinks it was cool. Miratrix and her monster appear upon their screen, Brownbeard confront them. Mack lets Rose go on her own, Spencer tells her he will ready the new zord.
The monster attacks the pirate and Rose arrives to help him. He apologizes to her. Rose and the baddies face off. Brownbeard is surprised when she morphed. the monster puts the jewel inside of an compartment and becomes a saw machine.
Rose board the Shovel Driver and goes one-one with the machine. Spencer calls the others. The pirate is about to be squished by a falling pole when Mack saves him. The monster becomes his regular form and Brownbeard picks up the eye jewel.
Kamdor makes the monster big and the Megazord Shovel mode is formed. The monster is defeated. Miratrix retreats. The rangers look for Brownbeard but he is gone. the mansion, Brownbeard arrives. He returns the eye to them. Will puts it on the sword but it doesn't work.
They give the eye back to the pirate and he gives them his lucky pearl. It gets a jewel reading so they put it on the sword and it is the first jewel. Later, Rose gives the pirate a new look and name... No Beard. Rose confides to him that she loved being a pirate.