Both Sides Now - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Both Sides Now
Airdate: April 09, 2007

In Istanbul, Turkey, Rose goes on about the legend of the bird statue that will lead to a previous diamond. They follow Will's tracker into a dark building. They find an empty safe. At the base, the gang wonders why Andrew called Will into his office.
Dax wondered why he didn't have a zord. Andrew tells them he let Will go but he has the tracker. Meanwhile, Miratrix is practicing in an area and confronted by Will. He morphs and they fight. He bests her and de-morphs, offering them joining forces.
Will says he sold zord info to a rival and flatters Miratrix. She holds on to her gem. Ronnie is sure Will won't turn on them, they continue looking for him. Elsewhere, Will breaks into a building using his skills to retrieve a laser device.
He gives it to Miratrix, when the Rangers arrive. They believe Will 'got' her. He morphs and blasts at them. They morph and fight him. Will is knocked back by Rose. Miratrix tosses him back. She puts her necklace in the device and with the sunlight, it lets Kamdor out.
Kamdor fights the four except Will. Miratrix hinders him from joining in. Miratrix then fights the girls. The four power down. Kamdor, Miratrix, and Will leave. Back at the base, Ronnie can't believe he turned. Dax is even more hurt by the man law violation.
Will asks Miratrix if she can trust Kamdor. She says two years ago, he saved her but was trapped in the jewel. She thanks Will. Kamdor tells Will he has to prove himself, Will is full of attitude. He tells him to defeat his ex-pals.
In the base, they figure he is blocking his signal. Dax spots a weak signal, so they head towards it and it was a trap set up by Will. They morph and combat once again. He zaps them with his tracker and they are teleported back to the base, powered down.
Andrew explains he modified their tracker. Rose has figured out it was all a plan to get the Hou-hou Miratrix has it. Andrew was sure Miratrix has it, because if it was Moltor or Flurious, they would be more theaterical. Will continues flattering Miratrix in the hideout.
Kamdor interrupts and she gives the bird statue to Kamdor. The gang receives morse code from Will's explorer and Rose of course translates it. Kamdor suspects something from Willy. They try to find the right angle to the sun. Miratrix points the statue to it and comes to life, to lead them to the diamond.
The rangers arrive and Will shows his true color. Miratrix goes after the bird. Will morphs and fights Kamdor. The other four fight Miratrix. She whistles and tosses a purse from a bench up into the air, Kamdor turns it into a monster.
Will bashes Kamdor up and flies up and bashes him down into the ground. Will is the victor as explosion occurs behind him. The explosion is reversed and Kamdor is fine. Miratrix goes after the bird as the monster beats up the Rangers.
Will arrives and Mack calls the Drill Blaster and freezes the monster. The five destroy the monster. Kamdor makes it big. The Megazord is called and the Crane Driver is called by Will. Will boards it and the megazord holds onto the monster.
The crane is raised up and the hook goes inside the monster. Will tosses the monster to and fro. The bird drops a parchment to Miratrix and the bird becomes a statue again.
Drivemax Megazord Crane and Drill formation is made and swings the monster up and destroyed by the drill. Miratrix shows Kamdor the parchment and tells him she can't figure out what the characters mean.