Man of Mercury, Part 1 - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Man of Mercury, Part 1
Airdate: June 04, 2007

A excavator finds a temple in Brazil and the Yanomami Statue he has sought. The Rangers arrive at a burned area in Portugal. The leader shows the statue to his group at the base camp and two Fearcats arrive. They throw the statue away. Mig blasts the camp.
Andrew gets readings from Brazil. Rose detects something not from Earth in Portugal. Spencer alerts them. Kamdor and Miratrix tell the Fearcats to leave. Kamdor fights the two himself. Miratrix then joins in and the two ninjas are force to retreat.
The Rangers arrive to the camp in Brazil and talk to the leader. Ronnie decides to stay and help the people. Mig squashes the ancient text and are approached by the Rangers. They fight and are beaten, they huddle. The Fearcats are then blasted at by Tyzonn.
His mission to stop the Fearcats. The four morph and fight Mig. Tyzonn fights Cheetor. The four are beaten and Tyzonn saves them by becoming a huge mercury-based force field. The Fearcats retreat and the Rangers power down.
Tyzonn asks for Ronnie and at the news of her helping people, he runs off. Flurious is concerned by the Fearcats, he opens an icicle, revealing two Gyros. he says they should work nicely, but no explaination of where they came from.
Mig busts out a staff and need a power source to release their friends from a magic mirror. They decided to use a Power Ranger. Tyzonn meets up with the excavator and is impressed with Ronnie's skills. The other Rangers arrive and Tyzonn remembers a tragic moment.
Ronnie is sympathetic to him. Tyzonn wants to run off to get the Fearcats. Ronnie offers to help, but Tyzonn tells them to find the jewel. Dax brings up splitting up is like a horror movie cliche. Mack lifts a boulder, Dax leaps around, Will hears through out the forest but no luck in finding anything.
Ronnie is confronted alone in the forest by the Fearcats, she calls out to the Rangers and tries running, but she is in the air. The Rangers and Tyzonn arrive to the scene but no sign of her, except for her scrunchie. Tyzonn tells them it is not Ronnie they want, but her power.
They have her tied up to a pole and indeed use her tracker to open the portal in the prision mirror. Her friends arrive, Tyzonn fights Mig while the morphed Rangers fight Cheetor. Ronnie tries breaking free when a hand comes out of the mirror.
Tyzonn runs towards the mirror but Mig stops him. Benglo fully comes out of the mirror. He blasts at the five heroes. Benglo then fights the four Rangers. Tyzonn stands but Mig beats him.
More hands reach out of the mirror. Cheetor takes a hold of Dax. Ronnie's tracker falls from Mig, Tyzonn grabs it and tosses it to Ronnie. She kicks it up and grabs it. She morphs and breaks free from the pole. She grabs and shakes the mirror.
Tyzonn zaps the mirror and she drops it on a rock, smashing it. The three Fearcats are mad. Mack points the Drill Blaster at them and Cheetor takes the blast. He grows huge. The Rangers call the Super Drivemax Megazord. Tyzonn fights both Benglo and Mig.
Mack forms the Ultrazord and destroy Cheetor, going up in purple smoke. The Fearcats bring up Tyzonn failing the last time they met, he remembers a cave-in and him screaming. As he is frozen in memory, Mig slashes him and reverts him to his mercury liquid state.
The Fearcats leave. Later, the five Rangers shout out for him and find the moving mercury on a rock. Ronnie is frantic. Mack is concerned since they don't know anything about his race. Will thinks they have to call Andrew.
  • In Boukenger, they used the Yellow warrior's blood to activate the mirror and the Gyros had a much more complex origin.