Behind the Scenes - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Behind the Scenes
Airdate: June 11, 2007

Norg pleads to Flurious to pilot his robot, but he is more interested in capturing a cannon when Kamdor enters unannounced, offering an alliance and take care of the Rangers. Meanwhile, Tyzonn hounds Spencer and Andrew about what sort of zord he will recieve.
Jessica, a Television reporter and old friend of Andrew come to offer to interview his team. She gets his wish and the team is interviewed and Dax gets a case of stage freight. She calls Mack Mackenzie. People get surprised to hear Tyzonn is from another planet.
Miratrix in disguise says she is from the Mayor's office and gives Jessica metals for the Rangers. The segment is over and the Rangers have the metals on. Just then, Tyzonn stumbles and Jessica suspects something.
Miratrix reports back to Kamdor. Kamdor says the alloy in the metals will react to Tyzonn. Flurious and Kamdor marvel at his new robot and the Fearcats hijack it. Meanwhile, Andrew analyzes the statue they got from Brazil and tell them to head to Indonesia.
The Rangers morph and Tyzonn stumbles, he decides to stay. The Rangers jump out of their zords and check out the mountain, it starts rumbling. They find the giant robot breaking the mountain. The Rangers go down and Mig makes his presence known.
The Robot drills its way inside the ground as Mig fights the Rangers. benglo reaches the hiding place of the cannon and breaks rocks to release it. The Robot comes to the surface with the cannon. Mig joins Benglo and they blast at another mountain.
The Rangers board the Drivemax Megazord and fight the Fearcats in the robot. They bring the megazord down and then power up the Gyros and blast at them with the cannon. The zords split up. The Rangers remain morphed inside.
Mack tries fighting back but is blasted at. The robots leave. Mack says they have to adandon the zords because they are out of commission. Jessica hears about the city being attacked and decides to go to it, instead of doing a dog show assignment.
The cameraman wants to leave and she takes off her shoes and they go into her car. She arrives at the mansion to see Tyzonn wiggling around, going back and forth from his mercury state. She takes the metal off, saying the mayor didn't know anything about it.
The Rangers are in town, un-morphed and morph again, after calling Spencer to bring the other zords. They use the auxiliary zords against the robot. Rose, Will and Dax are kicked out and powered off. Ronny tries fighting but is blasted and so is Mack.
All of them take Mack out of the rubble, when they hear an alarm. Tyzonn arrives in three new zords. He washes out the fires in the city. Tyzonn calls the Resuce Runners to blast at the Robot and trip the Fearcats down. Tyzonn combine them to create the Flashpoint Megazord.
He calms down an attack from the cannon. He charges at them and delivers many blows. they counter but he dodges by shrinking down and then punching the cannon off them. Tyzonn then destroys the robot and the Questers escape. The cannon shrinks and Tyzonn powers down and grabs it.
The Rangers re-group. Back at Flurious' lair, Kamdor and Flurious blame each other and are about to fight. The Fearcats arrive and they all fight. Norg slides down his slide to find the big battle and decides to visit his distant cousin.
The Rangers show off their real medals from the mayor. Andrew tells them the cannon is important. On TV, Jessica says she will join the Global News Network and thanks the team.
  • The title 'Behind the Scenes' confuses fans sometimes, because there was already a Behind the Scenes special about Operation Overdrive.
  • In this episode, we discover the name of the city the Rangers reside in, San Angeles is a popular name for movies such as Double Dragon and Demolition Man .
  • How exactly did the Rangers get back to the city after abandoning their zords? Are we to believe Spencer sent them the SHARC?
  • And how did that young man Jessica asked, knew that the Rangers lost if they were in Indonesia and not in San Angeles? And if he found out through the news, shouldn't Jessica have known?