Out of Luck - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Out of Luck
Airdate: July 09, 2007

Andrew tells Spencer the compass Moltor has, is unstable and as great power. Moltor's old friend arrives and Moltor drops a lizard in the lava with the compass. He tells Blothgar to use it against the Rangers. Five rangers react to an energy level and encounter people runing away and Blothgar.
They morph and fight him. He puts them surrounding them. He uses the compass and it shines. They try harming him, with no luck. Rose shoots Dax and a blast Dax tries deflecting, reflects back at him. Mack and Will go down as Blothgar bends down for a gold coin.
Blothgar then makes Mack extremely unlucky and retreats. Will went back to the mansion as the others look for the baddie. Mack feels fine and doesn't believe in luck. A tree branch falls and later Mack breaks a pole at the base.
Dax beleives he has gotten bad luck. Mack then slips and gets a trash can on his foot and the globe rolls on top of him. Mack is still unbelieving. Spencer grabs Andrew, scared that this could even happen to Mack.
Later, Dax bumps into Ronnie with a lucky T-shirt from his grandfather who wards off sharks. Ronnie shows him her unwashed stinky lucky socks. Rose can't find Mack, she lost him in the streets. In the park, Mack is lost and gets in mud thanks to a ball hitting him.
He goes for a drink of water and the fountain breaks on him. He continues walking in the city and trips over a rock. A crane breaks and falls on him, he morphs and leaps on the debris. He then trips over his foot and falls on a bench. He then trips over a trash can and almost gets run over by a truck.
He leaps over onto a rail and later has some more falls. Moltor and Blothgar arrive at an area and open a chasm of power. Later, Will shows them his lucky scarf, Rose with her father's lucky sombrero and Tyzonn has a plant he grew himself.
They detect negative energy and go towards Mack, who is un-morphed and struggling to walk. they put on their good-luck charms. Ronnie presents her stinky socks and forces him to put them on. The six arrive and the two baddies laugh at the Red Ranger's look.
The six do the roll-call. Mack trips down the hill and falls. He gets up and a large boulder rolls over him. He runs toward them and Moltor leaves Blotghar on his own. Lighting strikes by Mack.
The Rangers fight the lizards. Blotghar blasts more at Mack but he persists. Mack trips over a sock and it comes off and the dragon's tail hits him, causing the plant to fly. He then distracts him with the sock's smell. He trips the baddie with the scarf.
The sombrero falls off and blinds the dragon. The foe takes the shirt off and the compass falls into Mack's hands. Mack uses his Drive Lance to destroy the monster. Rose uses the compass to reverse Mack's luck. Moltor confronts them with a horde of Lava Lizards.
Mack calls the Transtek Armor for Tyzonn to use the lizards. Moltor fights the remaining five. Tyzonn morphs to the standing mode and wipes out the goons. Moltor runs off and Blothgar still survived. Moltor kicks Blothgar inside the chasm and he turns big.
The zords are called and he has lighting fall on them. Rose uses the compass and calls the four aux. zords to surround him. The Drivmax powered by the compass gives bad luck to Blothgar and he trips. Super Drivemax destroys him.
Back in the mansion, Andrew tells Spencer there was no way Mack could be effected by luck. In the other room, Mack thanks them all and glad to no longer have bad luck and the billiard leaps into Spencer's hand. He washed Ronnie's socks much to her dismay.
  • The lucky charms were different from the ones from Boukenger and were footage having it was re-shot.
  • The Feng-Shui storyline from the original was removed, even though Feng-Shui is pretty popular in America.
  • A reference to Mack's true origins is referenced in this episode, adding more depth to Andrew's worry over his son more than an usual parent's worry.