Fade to Black - Power Rangers RPM

Fade to Black
Airdate: February 07, 2009

Where we last left off, Ziggy explains to Dillon what Power Rangers are. The trio take down the bot with their combined blaster. The drones are sent. The trio enlarge their zords.
The Grinders set a cannon that will waste Dillon's car, so he tries to gas it but can't... until he hits it and goes off. He skids and luckily for him, he gets the cannon to shoot at the foes instead of at Summer.
The bot is then enlarged and The Rangers form High Octane Megazord and destroy it. Summer thanks Dillon. The guards take in Ziggy and Dillon, while Ziggy pretends he is a citizen and doesn't know who Dillon is.
Dillon has hardware inside him and he doesn't know why he does. Summer asks to speak to him privately and says she doesn't care where he is from but does care where he's going, returning him his broach.
Ziggy charms the guards with his tall tales and then the guards multiply... Ziggy doesn't shut up to the point that the guards are gone. Later, Venjix reveals the other two generals a scary new creation..
the human-looking Tenaya 7. Flynn and Scott are not all thrilled with Dillon, believing he is all machine and shouldn't be trusted. The mysterious Dr. K explains he has super implants inside of him.
Ziggy's not loved in the jail, having enemies already. He tries to convince Dillon that they're a team to bust him out. The convicts bully Ziggy. This gets on Dillon's nerves and he defies the boss.
Dillon beats them all up. The Rangers are then impressed by what Dillon can do, via surveillance video. The Rangers come and offer him to join the team, he asks if he can choose his own color.
  • Funny how there is a jail in the city, seems they didn't want their convicts to perish, they still believe in justice and humanity even in the face of an apocalypse.