Go for the Green
Airdate: March 21, 2009

Ziggy holds an audition for the Green Ranger, with many funny candidates. Scott, Flynn, and Summer are not impressed.
Meanwhile, Dr. K has Dillon on a rotating disc like he is cooking in a microwave and explains about the powers of the Rangers.
Ziggy is stopped by the mafia, who want their money and they threaten him, he is saved by a woman whistling "The Farmer in the dell" in a very creepy way.
She beats up the mafia guys and then auditions to be the Green Ranger and is accepted. Dr. K gives Ziggy the morpher to give to this girl named Tenaya.
She beats up the army guys checking her for Venjix hardware. She becomes the true form and Ziggy sees this and runs off. He gets on his bike.
Tenaya lifts up his bike and he asks her what she is, she recites a long poem about how she is humanity and Ziggy tells her it was a rhetorical question.
Ziggy informs Dr. K and hides from Tenaya who is after him. Dillon is on his way... Ziggy decides to kill two birds with one stone and send Tenaya on the mafia.
Ziggy runs off with the morpher but Tenaya tries to rob it. Dillon comes in and they try to run her off with Dillon's car but Tenaya gets on top.
Dillon and Tenaya fight. Ziggy takes this opportunity to bond his DNA to the morpher and morphs. Tenaya tells them about the digging robot and Green and Black head to the forest to find the robot.
The five reunite and get beat up by the bot. Black and Green fight the bot and use their blaster to defeat him. The Megazord fights the giant bot. Dillon surprises Dr. K and the Rangers that the Green Ranger is Ziggy.
They're not happy, saying that not just anyone can be a Ranger. Dillon states that Dr. K told him to do whatever it took to protect the powers from evil.
He tells them to get used to it. Dr. K says he has to do lots of training. The gang leaves as Ziggy thinks chicks will dig the outfit.
  • Funny and inventive episode.