* Appeared in the series/movie
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart, may be modified
* Only one appeared in the series
* Another version

Season Two Fall 94 - Spring 95

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* [2311 - 2316] 5.5 inch Auto-Morphin Rangers - Head flipping morphing action, each comes with unique power weapon. Billy, Trini, Jason, Zack, Kimberly, and Tommy.
* [2201 - 2206] 8 inch Karate Action Rangers - ultra poseable figures with action features. Jason, Kimberly, and Zack were Karate Kickin' and Trini and Billy were Karate Choppin' .

* *[2262] Thunderzord Assault Team - Lion, Unicorn, Griffin, and Firebird Zords combine to form chariot for Red Dragon to ride on.
* *[2271] White Tigerzord - Electronic lights and sound, includes 8 inch White Ranger figure and exclusive white tiger power coin.
* *[2242] Tor - Giant tortoise carries other Zords, electronic lights and sounds.
* *[2225] Red Dragon Thunderzord - Transforms from warrior to dragon.

* * * [2231-2237] Thunder Bikes - each bike includes 4 inch Ranger figure and power crystal. Did not appeared in the series and are based on the Dairanger Kiber Machines.
* *[2254]Saba - Extending blade with two electronic sayings.
* *[2253] Power Cannon - shoots plastic balls, includes detachable handle blade.
(no larger pictures for these)

* [2307] PVC Figurines Series Two - Jason, Kimberly, Skull, Bulk, White Ranger, Lord Zedd, Zack, Billy, Trini. Not pictured - Silver Horns, Skellerina.

* [2290] Power Dome Playset - Command Center-like headquarters, includes Zordon in tube, and exclusive Alpha 5 figure. Features Zordon voice simulator, weapons, viewing globe, and Power Claws vehicle.
* * [2401 - 2406] Micro Playsets - White, Red, and Pink (not pictured) Morphers.

* [2324 - 2336] 5.5 inch Action Feature Evil Space Aliens Series One - Pudgy Pig, Slippery Shark, Minotaur, Two-Headed Parrot, Snizzard, Eyeguy, Knasty Knight, Spider, Drammole, Grumble Bee, Peckster, Stag Beetle.

* [2211-2217] 8 inch Space Aliens Series Two - Rhino Blaster, Pirantishead, Lord Zedd, Soccadillo, Goo Fish, Guitardo (not pictured)

* [2337- 2342] 5.5 inch Space Aliens Series Two - Invenusable Flytrap, Robogoat, Lord Zedd, Z-Putty, Goldar, and Pythor (never appeared in the series).

Never Released Toys

* [2235] Power Claws - Red Ranger's never released vehicle.

(No Picture)
Rita Replusa, Scorpina, and Mutitus - Picture is avaliable online. Meant to be part of the first series of 5.5 inch Action Feature Evil Space Aliens of Fall 94.
Power Rangers Girl's Mini Worlds - Sounds like it was a micro playset. Meant to be released Spring 95.