* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only One or two appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

*[10710 - 10717] Dino Action Power Ranger - Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, White & Triassic Rangers, Green Triptoid, and Crimson Zeltrax.

* *[10823] White Drago Morpher and * [10824] Triassic Morpher -Switch the plates, come with light and sounds. White Drago Morpher comes with Dragozord, Stegazord, and Parasaurzord plate. The Japanese one did not come with the Parasaurzord plate. Triassic Morpher comes with Triassic, Gold Tyranno, and Rhampho plate. Toys 'R' Us Japan had a gold version of the Thundersaurus Morpher with three gold plates.

* *[10828] White Drago Sword
* * [10833] Battlized Arm Extender - Can extend and grab figures. This is the Red Battelized Ranger's arm. Includes a different version of Thundermax Saber.

* *[10832] Triassic Shield - comes with bronze Auxilaryu zord plates.

* * [10783] Deluxe Dino Stegazord - Comes with Dimetrozord! The Japanese version did not come with Dimetrozord, it was sold separately.
* *
[10791] Mezodon Megazord
- Comes with extra Triassic Ranger figure.

* *[90036] Power Rangers Dino Zord Set - Parasaurzord and Ankylozord sold because of the demand for them. In Japan, they are each sold seperately but Bandai America rely on the fact that parents won't buy just seperate toy for their child. Includes special Triassic Ranger and saddles. The Japanese version of each zord came with their own morpher plates, the Ankylozord plate is not avaliable in America.

* [10719, 10736-10739] Quadro Super-Battlized Power Ranger - Triassic, Black, White, Red, and Blue. The Triassic was used in the series but just referred to as his Battlizer.

* [10768] White Raptor Charger -White Ranger figure included. The Charger morphs into another form.
* [10817] Deluxe Triassic Thunder ATV -Part of the Mega Cycle line, fits 12" ranger.

* [10727-10729, 10787-10788] Thunder ATVs -Red, Blue, Black, Triassic, and White. Only Black and White appeared on the show but a bit different.

* [10812-10814] Mega Battlized Talking Power Ranger -One Triassic transforms into the Mezodon Megazord and another Triassic comes with Conner's face (which appears on the show) and White comes with Trent's face.

* [10745-10749] Thunder Morphin Power Ranger -White/Stegazord, Triassic, Black, Blue/Dimetrozord, and Red/G-Rex. Triassic transforms into the dinosaur called Stryacosaurus and was given no official name on the show. The dinosaur Black transforms into is the Rhamphorhynchus which inspired Mezodon Megazord's staff. These items had names in Abaranger. The G-Rex is one of the zords from the Blizzard Force Megazord. The zord is based on the dinosaur called Carnotaurus.

* [10911] Triceramax Command Center Truck -Comes with Rhamphorhynchus wrapons and Mesogog figure (colors differ). The truck looks different on the show. The second of its kind.

* [10758-10762] Hovercraft Cycles -Red, Black, White, Triassic and Blue. Only Blue appeared on the show.

* [10725-10726, 10808-10809] 5" Action Light-up Megazords -Triceramax Megazord, Blizzard Force Megazord, Thundersaurus Megazord (with Parasaurzord), and Dino Stegazord (with Dimetrozord). The Blizzard Force Megazord is based on the Bakurenoh, the megazord that premiered in Abaranger Deluxe: The Movie and made a brief appperance on Dino Thunder. The reason it is called 'Blizzard' is because the zords came from an arctic island.

* [90041] 12" Triassic Ranger & Raptor Cycle -Ranger comes with Conner's face and removable helmet. * [10816] Deluxe Red Raptor Mega Cycle -Fits the 12" rangers.

* [91471-91472] Soft Attack Thundermax Saber and Soft Attack Brachio Staff

* [91242] Dino Thunder Stegamax Playset -Includes Stegazord, White Triptoid, Blue, Red Ranger, Parasaurzord, Black Ranger on non-show Black Raptor Cycle and Abaranger's Voffa who appeared in the NS/DT teamup. * [10920] Dino Armor Power Rangers - Blue/Mezodon Megazord and Red/Triassic Megazord. Not Pictured: White

* * [10804-10807] 12" Talking Thunder Power Rangers Fall Line - Red, Black, and Triassic. White not pictured.
* [91122] Jumbo Dino Stegazord

Not Pictured:
Triassic Sword Soft Attack
Action Racers

Never Released:

* Black Raptor Charger Dino Thunder Action Controller

Z-Rex Morphin Racer (Triasaurus Rex colors) and Triceramax Morphin Racer
T-Rex Transporter (red/blue) and Zeltasaurus Transporter

Only Available in Japan