* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one or two appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

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* *[4530] Max Solarzord -
Zord of the Titanium Ranger. Transforms from robot to shuttle to train car. Hooks up with the Supertrain, and combines with the Lightspeed Megazord. Includes Interactive Datazord CD-ROM.

* *[4476-4479] Mega Battle Power Rangers -
Red, Blue, Green, and Titanium Rangers in suped up armor, include powered up weapon with action feature, and Interactive Datazord CD-ROM.

* *[4442] Thermo Blaster - Light up weapon with two modes.
* [4493] Red Mobile Armor Vehicle - transforms, includes 5-inch Red Ranger figure.
* [4494]Titanium Land Crawler - transforms, includes 5-inch Titanium Ranger
* *[4433] Battle Booster - With lights and sounds.

* *[4521-4524] Trans-Armor Cycles - cycles become armor for 5-inch Rangers.
* [4415-4416] 5.5 inch Action Zords - Lightspeed Solarzord and Omega Megazord, with action features.

* [4448-4449] 5.5 inch Zords - Omega Megazord and Max Solarzord, each with action features.
* [4463] Lightspeed Solarzord Playset - includes three Ranger and two Rail Rescue figures.

* [4501-4506] 5.5 inch Rescue Power Rangers - Six Rangers, each with thier own weapon related action feature.
* *[4555] Deluxe Omega Megazord - Five Omegazords combine to form Omega Crawler or Omega Megazord. Vehicles fit into Deluxe Rail Rescues.

* [4510] 10-inch Infralight Power Rangers - Green, Blue, and Red Rangers with a weapon. These deluxe sized action figures each have a unique remote control action! Point remote control morpher at figure and watch it fire or automorph. Remote control included.

* [4535] Deluxe Charging Omega Megazord - Bring the Omega Megazord to life with a remote control morpher. Simply attach the morpher to your wrist, point at the zord, and watch as it charges forward and fires missiles! Remote control included.

* [4561-4566] Chromalline Power Rangers - The Lost Galaxy Rangers with metallic chests repackaged in Lightspeed Rescue package cards with assorted weapons and toy-sized skateboards. The Magna Defender was packaged as 'Titanium' and came with skateboard with five of the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.

Never Released Toys
  • Lightspeed Armor Power Rangers
  • Interactive Omega Megazord

Only Available in Japan
Lifeforce Megazord
Rail Rescue Bay