Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - Summer 07 Toys

* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appears in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
* Picture provided by Linear Ranger
* Picture provided by Buddy Roland
Armored Figures


* * * [29015 - 29019, 29151] Mission Response Power Rangers - Each Ranger comes with a Mission Response Chip in their chests. Red, Black, Blue and Mercury Rangers each speak their own unique phrase. Pink and Yellow Rangers come with the Drill Blaster in different modes (Pink in Tri Laser Mode). While the Pink and Yellow Rangers come with Defender Vests, the Red, Blue, and Black Rangers come with different ones. Also, the male ranger's weapons form a robot. Each of the six come with a special Anniversary badge.

* Transmax Vehicles - Mix and match zords into Megazord formations for the FlashPoint Megazord and Battlefleet Megazord.

* Mega Figure Set - Yellow and Pink Ranger with metallic blue coating.

Armored Figures

* [29025-29027] Sentinel Zord Power Rangers - The armor of the Red, Black and Blue Ranger can become a zord or a sword.

*[29034-29036] Moto-Morph Rangers - The Blue, Red, and Black Rangers transform into different vehicles and talk, also with the actor's likenesses.

*Gyro Launcher Black Ranger and Gyro Force Red Ranger

Gyro Launcher Red and Blue Rangers - each come with three fans.

*[94011-94013] Battle Suit Power Rangers - Red Ranger with DriveMax Megazord armor, Black Ranger with Super DriveMax armor and Blue Ranger with DualDrive Megazord armor.


* [29071] Mission Response Vehicle - All the Mission Response Power Rangers can be used in the vehicle, new sounds can be activated once placed in it. Launch the cycles from the back end. Includes one Red Ranger figure.

* [29056-29059] ZordTek Cycle - Red, Black, Blue, and Mercury Rangers. The Zord bike piece also can be used as an extra head for the DualDrive and DriveMax Megazords.

* DriveMax Command Truck - The roof missile launcher becomes a detachable helicopter. Lights and sound.

* * Mercury Transtek Armor Machine - Vehicle becomes an armor for the Mercury Ranger figure. In the show, the Mercury Ranger uses the regular red machine. Comes with Mercury Ranger figure.

* * Drivemax Vehicle - Vehicle becomes an armor for the Red Ranger figure. Re-paint of the Mystic Force Mighty Dragon Mobile.

* Overdrive Max Vehicle Set - Jet plane with Red Ranger figure.

* Drivetek Set - Repackaged Lightspeed Rescue Red Mobile Armor Vehicle with Red Operation Overdrive Ranger.


* * Mercury Morpher - It includes the LCD screen, with six unique sounds.
*[29102] Overdrive Tracker Turbo Edition - Repainted Morpher that flips open comes with black light and key pad codes and 'Turbo Morph' wheel.
* * Sentinel Morpher - The morpher for the Sentinel Red Ranger.

* *[29078] Transforming Sentinel Zord - The Power Ranger's powerful ally transforms into a sword for fun role play.

* * Tri-Laser Blaster - Lights and Sound. In Japan, it the Uni-Laser could change into the Drill Blaster.
* * Drill Blaster - Lights and Sound.
* * Mercury Scope - Show name is Drive Detector, comes with lights and sounds. Transforms from laser mode to detector mode.

* Mega Mission Helmet - A child-sized helmet to act out scenarios from the show, download over twenty missions from your computer. Lights and sounds are included in the helmet.


*[29077] Triple Transforming Megazord 2 - Three original zords inspired by the auxiliary zords (Mixer, Crane, and the Sonic Streaker) can be used for single play or combined with several combination modes.

* * DualDrive Megazord -Four auxiliary zords (Drill Driver, Shovel Driver, Cement Driver, and Crane Driver) can combine with the DriveMax Megazord to make the Super DriveMax Megazord. Includes black version of the Dump Driver.


* Adventure Set - Comes with Red, Blue, and Yellow Ranger, repainted Deltamax Megazord and green Krybot.

* Adventure Set: Set B - Comes with Red, Blue, and Yellow Ranger, repainted Deltamax Megazord, purple Krybot, green Krybot, brick wall, yellow vehicle, and red SPD cycle.

* Red Ranger Academy Training Set - Comes with with Red Ranger mask, smock, & badge, repainted Mercury Morpher, and repainted S.P.D. Delta Blaster.

* Red Sentinel Ranger Academy Trianing Set - Comes with with Red Ranger mask, smock, & badge, repainted Mercury Morpher, and repainted S.P.D. Delta Blaster.

* Mercury Ranger Academy Training Set - Comes with with Mercury Ranger mask, smock, & badge, Mercury Morpher, and repainted S.P.D. Delta Blaster.