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Ranger Keys


*[38201-38208] 5" Action Hero Figures - Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow Rangers; Prince Vekar and X-Borg. Each Ranger comes with a blaster and sabre. Prince Vekar and X-Borg come with a weapon.

* [38211-38215] 5" Action Hero Figures - Zeo Red Ranger, MMPR Green, MMPR White, MMPR Red, Megaforce Red and Megaforce Robo Knight. Each come with a weapon.

* [38141-38143] Double Battle Action Figure - Double Battle Action Red, Blue and Green Rangers. Each come with Super Mega Blaster and Super Mega Saber.

* [38181] Armored Mighty Morphin Green Ranger - Articulated 10 inch Green Ranger comes with shield, weapons and more. * [38176] Armored Super Mega Red Ranger - Articulated 10 inch Ranger comes with Wild Force, Mystic Force, Samurai and other weapons.

* [38191] Deluxe FX Super Mega Red Ranger - 10 inch fully articulate talking figure comes with Super Mega Saber.

* [38156-38159] Megazord Figures - Legendary and Wild Force Megazord available in the Spring and Thundersaurus Megazord in the Fall.

* [38161-38165] 4" Basic Figures - Red, Blue and Green Super Megaforce Rangers; Red Megaforce Ranger and Samurai Red Ranger.


* [38001] Deluxe Legendary Morpher - The Super Megaforce Rangers' transformation device that uses Ranger Keys. It has over 30 phrases and sounds. Includes Zord Builder Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and Red Super Megaforce Ranger Key.

* [38046] Deluxe Super Mega Saber - Large blade role-play item comes with light and sound. Includes Zord Builder Blue Super Megaforce Ranger Key.

* [38036] Deluxe Super Mega Blaster - The Super Megaforce Rangers' blaster fits one Ranger Key and activates sound. Includes Zord Builder Green Super Megaforce Key.

* [38037] Super Mega Saber - Less bigger than the Deluxe version. Includes Zord Builder Blue Super Megaforce Ranger Key.

* * [38016-38018] Power Rangers Mask - Red, Blue and Green Ranger masks.

* [38030] Deluxe Hand Gear - Comes with Zordbuilder Red Alien Ranger Key, some blue discs and two gloves with guantlets. One guantlets holds the discs and launches them. Another holds two keys.



Ranger Keys

* [38251-38257] Legendary Ranger Key Packs (Wave One) - Super Megaforce (Red, Green, Blue); Megaforce (Red, Black, Blue); Samurai (Red, Green, Blue); Mystic Force (Red, Green, Yellow); Lost Galaxy (Red, Blue, Green); Wild Force (Red, Black, Blue); Lightspeed Rescue (Red, Green, Blue).


* [38258-38265] Legendary Ranger Key Packs (Wave Two) - Turbo (Red, Blue, Green); In Space (Red, Black, Blue); MMPR (Red, Blue, Black); Ninja Storm (Red, Blue, Yellow), SPD (Green, Blue, Red); Zeo (Red, Blue, Yellow); Time Force (Red, Green, Blue)


* [38071-38073] Cycles With Figures - Lost Galaxy Cycle and Red Ranger with Red Lost Galaxy Ranger Key, Lightspeed Rescue Cycle and Green Ranger with Red Lightspeed Rescue Key and Time Force Cycle And Blue Ranger with Red Time Force Ranger Key. The cycles can combine with the Legendary Megazord.


*[38096] Deluxe Legendary Megazord - Five zords (Skyship Zord, Jet Zord, Wheeler Zord, Racer Zord, and Sub Zord) combine into one. Included is a translucent Red Super Megaforce Ranger Key. When the key si turned in the back, the front hatch opens.

* [38081] Mystic Dragon Zord and Green Ranger - Power Rangers Mystic Force's Mystic Dragon Zord comes with Green Ranger figure. It can combine with the Legendary Megazord. Red Mystic Force Ranger Key included.

* [38082] Delta Runner Zord and Blue Ranger - Power Rangers SPD's Delta Runner comes with Blue Ranger figure. It an combine with the Legendary Megazord. Includes Red SPD Ranger Key.

* [38083] Zeo Racer Zord and Red Ranger - Power Ranger Zeo's Zeo Racer Zord comes with Red Ranger figure. It can combine with the Legendary Megazord. Includes Red Zeo Ranger Key.

* [38091] Wild Force Red Lion - Power Ranger Wild Force's Red Lion Wild Zord can combine with the Legendary Megazord in two ways, the second way pays homage to Power Rangers Samurai. Tail becomes Fire Smasher. Includes Red Wild Force Ranger Key.

* [38111-38112] Deluxe Zord Armor Rangers - Deluxe Legendary Zord Armor Ranger and Deluxe Gosei Great Zord Armor Ranger come with a Red Ranger figure and Megazord armor. Parts can combine with the other Megazords. Also come with a large key that fit in other key ports.


* [96910] Deluxe Training Set - Red Ranger Mask, buckle, Legendary Morpher, Super Mega Blaster and Red Ranger Key.

* [38051] Red Ranger Hero Set - Red Ranger mask, Super Mega Blaster, Super Mega Saber, and Red Ranger Key.

* [38052] Blue Ranger Hero Set - Blue Ranger Mask, Super Mega Blaster, Super Mega Blaster, and Blue Ranger Key

* Power Rangers 6 Pack - Red, Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow Rangers with Prince Vekar in Toys R Us Exclusive.