* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appeared in the series
* Another version
* Repaint

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* [10111-10114] Talking Ultra Power Rangers - 12 inch talking figures feature a likeness to the actor as well as real cloth costumes and removeable helmets. First of the series.

* [10011-10016] TF Fighter Rangers - With weapons and action features. The Pink Ranger came with Circuit the owl. Green Ranger came with Electro Booster combined with his Chrono Saber.

* [10024 -10025] 5.5 inch Megazord figures
Staff Whirling Time Shadow and Missile Firing Q-Rex, each with action features.

* *[10061] Deluxe Vortex Blaster - Five weapons combine into one mega blaster.

* * [ 10120 ] Deluxe Quantasaurus Rex Megazord- Comes with Quantum Morpher remote control. Can transform, walk, and shoot weapons via remote. Most popular toy overall in 2001.
* [10073] Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red -Transforms into vehicle form. Shown below in different color.

* [10073-10074] Standard Zords -Quantasaurus Rex Megazord (could transform from Q-Rex to Megazord mode), Shadow Force Megazord (could transform to Blue or Red Mode)

* * [10041-10044] Strata Cycles- Cycles quick transform into gliders.
* * [10096-10098] Battle Warrior Rangers- With snap-on transformable armor.

* [10088] Transwarp Megazord Playset- Includes time gate, Gluto, and a Time Flier.
* *[10086] Time Force Megazord Playset - Jet mode, comes with Rangers and Frax.

*[10068] Deluxe Red Vector Wing - Includes 5.5 inch Red Ranger figure. * *[10058] Quantum Defender - Changes from Laser to sword.

* * [10135] Time Force Power Rangers Control Center- Includes Quantum Ranger and Exclusive Ransik figure. The first to begin the trend of having the male main villian in a big toy package. All these figures aren't quite articulate.

[10130] Time Force Auto Morphin Rangers - Only was available in the United Kingdom.

Never Released Toys

[10125] Zord Armor Rangers

Jumbo Quantasaurus Rex -It was planned but never released. PRLG, PRLR, and PRTF did not have jumbo megazord toys.

Only Available in Japan
Providus Base (Transwarp Megazord set)
Electro Booster