Centaurus Megazord C4
Rhino Galactabeast

Centaurus Megazord
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Centaurus Megazord
The power of the Rhino Galactabeast lies within the Centaurus Zords. Five red land assault vehicles can combine and form the Centaurus Megazord. When not in use, they are held inside of the Zenith Carrier Zord. Centaurus Megazord's finishing move is a round of blasts from its cannon. 3,000 years ago, the Rhino, Shark, and Phoenix Galactabeast fought a battle that left them helpless and drifting through space. They were found by Deviot and turned evil to fight the Rangers on Terra Venture. The Rangers successfully brought out the good in them, and now have them as allies. Centaurus was destroyed by an exploding horde of Sting Wingers while defending Terra Venture.