Scaraba Scaraba
A scarab beetle-like creature that created large boulders to attack enemies and was destroyed by the Megaforce Rangers' Megaforce Blaster.
Mega Mission

Yuffo Yuffo
An alien scientist who captures humans with the idea to conduct experiments on. He is a ladybug-like creature who can split himself into five small UFOs to evade the Rangers. He is able to trap people in a cocoon-like substance and is destroyed by the Gosei Great Megazord.
He Blasted Me with Science

Virox Virox
A stinkbug-like creature that is able to sneeze out a virus that turns humans into Loogies. He is the first monster to be destroyed by Sea Gosei Great Megazord's Sea Strike.
Going Viral

Dragonflay Dragonflay
A dragonfly-like creature who is able to run at great speeds and shoot lasers from his eyes. Destroyed by Land Gosei Great Megazord's Land Strike.
Stranger Ranger

Beezara Beezara
This wasp-like monster calls herself "Queen Bee," which Malkor takes as a claim similar to Vrak's alien royalty. Beezara has the ability of producing a fluid that turns males into unwilling servants. Her fluid also turned Gia and Emma against each other before the girls overcome her spell. Beezara is destroyed by Sky Gosei Great's Sky Strike.
United We Stand

Dizchord Dizchord
A cricket-like being who considers himself the best musician in the universe. He plots to use his music to destroy all of the humans on Earth and the sound is extremely painful to most people who hear it until Emma negates its effects with her own voice. He is destroyed by the Gosei Great Megazord's Victory Charge.
Harmony and Dizchord

Hisser Hisser
A Tsuchinoko/common pillbug-themed mutant. He can dig underground, spin extremely fast, and spew green slime, most of his footage isn't refilmed. This monster was destroyed by Robo Knight in the form of the Lion Mechazord. Distractor later creates an illusion of Hisser which became real afterwards. This time, this monster was destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.
Robo Knight

Psychotick Psychotick
An energy-draining Kappa/tick-themed mutant that is summoned by Vrak, to drain Robo Knight's power in a beat for beat adaptation of the source material. His signature move is Tick Attack. This monster was destroyed by the Gosei Grand Megazord. Distractor later creates an illusion of Psychotick which later became real. During this time, he wields an axe in battle. This time, this monster was destroyed by the Rangers' Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.
Prince Takes Knight

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