Gosei Jet Gosei Jet
Gosei Jet is a Mechazord with four zords as heads. The lead Zord resembles a condor and its Mechazord are very similar to the Gosei Dragon Mechazord. The other zords are an Elephant, Dolphin, Beetle and Aligator.

Gosei Jet Megazord Gosei Jet Megazord
Gosei Jet Megazord is the combination of four Mechazords that comprise the Gosei Jet. It wields an axe as its weapon, fashioned out of Gosei Jet's tail. Gosei Jet Megazord's final attack involves launching the primary zord at the target with the axe in its beak, spinning rapidly on its side as it does so. Gosei Jet was brought forth by the Mega Rangers to save the train. Later it was used to fight against Metal Alice together with Gosei Grand Megazord.