Admiral Malkor Admiral Malkor
The hulking leader of Warstar, who resembles an atlas moth. The only thing greater than his evil power is his laziness but he is lucky enough to have Vrax and Creepox to boss around.
Mega Mission

Creepox Creepox
One of Admiral Malkor's mighty generals, a mantid alien who uses his large bladed forearms in executing attacks. He wants to destroy Earth with brutal force and is obsessed with defeating the Red Ranger by himself.
Mega Mission

Vrak Vrak
He started out as Admiral Malkor's generals but he is actually an alien prince. He considers himself smarter than the others and rather rule the Earth than destroy it. He has a red-ish battle armor he wears mostly on Earth. He recruited mutants Bigs and Bluefur to fight the Rangers and was countered by the arrival of Robo Knight. When the Rangers defeated them, Vrak opted to create Metal Alice. Vrak was in a spaceship when the Rangers destroyed Malkor and was made into a cyborg by Metal Alice. As a cyborg, a messenger came from his royal family to announce an armada coming. The messenger told Vrak to hide as the army might not recognize him.
Mega Mission

Loogies Loogies
These lime-green colored foot soldiers of Warstar that wield daggers that double as blasters. They can also be called by other villain sects.

Zombats Zombats
The Zombats are Vrak's personal pets that make monsters giant.

Bluefur Bluefur
Bluefur is a large ape-like Mutant who has little patience and tends to lose his temper whenever things don't go his way. He used to behave in a seemingly unthinking manner and attack blindly in the heat of battle much like Creepox, although he is more knowledgeable and did tend to think before act. He wields a double-headed kanabo in battle and can use it with titanic force to pummel his opponents. He is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate.
Robo Knight

Bigs Bigs
Bigs is a slippery Mutant who was created from a toxic dump's contamination. He uses a scepter to battle and can liquify to evade being hit by weapons as well as turn into an amorphous state. His personality tends to be goofy. His last plot was to intoxicate the Earth with his goo and ends up taking over a building and almost destroying the Rangers, Gosei and the Gosei Ultimate saved them. He was destroyed by the Rangers.
Robo Knight

Metal Alice Metal Alice
Metal Alice is a very powerful robot created by Vrak in his underwater lab to assist him. She openly considers humans as inferior beings. She has the ability to repair her body or reattach her limbs if they are severed. She is Robo Knight's rival since they do not agree in the proper way robots and humanity should co-exist. Ever since her creation, she is fond of her master and very faithful to him. When he was seemingly defeated, she recreated Vrak as a cyborg. When defeated by the Rangers, Vrak somwhat recogfnized her value.

The Messenger The Messenger
The Messenger is a robot that works for Prince Vekar as a special envoy, he came to Earth to research Vrak's activities and report them to the Armada. He joins Vrak and Metal Alice to fight the Megaforce. He followed a warrior code of loyalty and feels great honor to serve the Royal Family. In the final onslaugh, he is left as nothing but a head and suggested to Vrak to conceal himself to avoid being mistaken for an enemy by the Armada.