Power Rangers Time Force
In the year 3000, an elite crime fighting unit known as Time Force hunts down the Earth's last known fugitive, Ransik, who has made plans to travel back in time and conquer a past era. He is apprehended by Alex, a Red Ranger, and member of Time Force. After being tried and convicted, Ransik is taken to cryo-prison by Time Force operatives Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip. On their way, they are attacked by Ransik's daughter Nadira, and ally Frax, who break him out. The three villains set up base at the cryo-prison, where Ransik makes a second attempt at travelling to the past. They are interrupted once again by Alex, but this time the Red Ranger is beaten and seriously injured. Ransik then successfully makes the jump back in time, taking Nadira, Frax, and several cryogenically frozen criminals with him.

The fallen Alex urges his four teammates to go after Ransik, and so Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas steal five Chrono Morphers and a Time Ship, and take off into the year 2001 to apprehend Ransik. They discover that the Chrono Morphers won't work unless someone morphs with the Red Chrono Morpher, which can only be used by a person whose DNA significantly matches Alex's. Luckily, the Rangers run into Wes, an ancestor of Alex's, who volunteers to become the Red Ranger. The newly formed team of five Rangers easily defeats Ransik and his crew on their first attack of the city.

An archeological dig unearths a powerful artifact - the Quantum Morpher. A private security organization known as the Silver Guardians, founded by Wes' father, arrives to protect it from Ransik's forces. It eventually falls into the hands of one of the Guardians - an ambitious, bitter loner named Eric, who is an old rival of Wes'. Eric uses his power as the Quantum Ranger to retrieve the Quantasaurus Rex zord from prehistoric times, which impresses Mr. Collins enough to make him the leader of the Silver Guardians.

In the year 3000, Alex recovers from his injuries, and monitors the Rangers' actions in the year 2001, assisting in any way he can. When Frax unleashed the first of his robots, Alex sent the Time Shadow to help the Rangers beat it. Frax's second robot required a more personal visit, and so Alex travelled back in time himself to become Red Ranger again. When it was clear that the team was stronger under Wes' command in battle, Alex gave him back the morpher, and returned to his time.

The Rangers came across many close calls throughout their adventures on 2001, defeating their destinies every step of the way, and proving that the future is what they make of it. Wes was supposed to take over Bio-Lab after his father's death, but he chose to fight with his friends instead. Mr. Collins did not die either - he was saved by Alex during his visit. The Rangers were supposed to have been killed fighting Frax's final robot, Doomtron, but Wes forced them to go back to the future for their own safety. When the Rangers discovered that Wes died fighting Doomtron alone, they travelled back, and helped him save the future.

Ransik and Nadira were still unaccounted for. The end of the Rangers' mission was coming to a close, and the mutant father and daughter still had to be brought in. After helping to deliver a baby, Nadira had a change of heart, and wished to end the hatred between humans and mutants. In a vicious battle between Ransik and the Rangers, Nadira was injured, making Ransik realize that the hatred needed to end. He turned himself over to Time Force. With the villains defeated, Lucas, Trip, Katie and Jen returned to the year 3000. Before parting ways, Jen and Wes revealed that they loved each other. Wes joined Eric as co-leader of the Silver guardians, which has been transformed from a private security organization to a peace keeping organization for the entire city.